#FF #furry edition
Some awesome people who have been on Mastodon for a bit :3


gf: calls me daddy
me: sorry im not ready for the responsibility of being a parent

I love camping, it's super relaxing, or really anywhere outside I can lounge like this.

Thank you so much to @NokuCroc for the wonderful commission! Noku did a great job rendering Kay and I absolutely love how it turned out! Go follow Noku's art account too at @NokuCroc!

Peachy thinks she can sing but she just makes a bunch of weird stoaty noises

asonix dot dog is down and I'm sad

I think I'll get it up again during lunch break in a bit

Hyena Facts

sometimes hyenas are pooltoys

art by @ruca

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sketch commission for pixelthinks on twitter!

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Art time,,,,

It's Dan! a cute lil headshot art of em, by @Shlimaz@twitter.com :purple_sparkling_heart:

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