Still remaining black hairs on my face after 7 laser sessions. Annoying.

Majority of it is gone at least.

I’ll be disappoint if the vaccine passport isn’t called Cov-ID

Dragons telling tall tales of tails. Tall tails.

please enjoy an EXCITING comic about being a solo creator in the age of SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!! it is also an AD for an attempt to BRIBE you into being my SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM for a chance at getting me to draw something that we both agree sounds like fun!

god writing ad copy is so not my calling


nsfw, monster hunter 

VR, pooltoy, valveshot, nsfwish 

Autism Speaks 

Cannabis, mh ~ 

April 1st, please don't 

Big air-filled inflatable tails are the best for hugging.

Suggestive, pooltoys and paws 

rubber kink advice sought 

Covid, + 

If I'm a pooltoy, does that make me an airhead or am I just blowing hot air?

More pooltoy! A friend Wings and me on the beach relaxing, enjoying some airy drinks! Also done by TDiB

NSFW musings, MH, Artist Seeking-ish 

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