✨✨Shiny✨✨ paws, make a squeaky sound when ya rub them

Back into an art flow with some new painting methods! I’m urgently open for commissions, dms are open! <3

Finished paw piece for @Veladynee ! Thank you so much! 💕

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Commission info!

I do not care for "humanoid" applied to everything. Therefore... If one was to describe something with dragon features or frame would it be....

Pool toy, suggestive post, suggestive nozzles 

Otherkin, Squeaky pondering 

Drugs, Kink, ABDL adjacent 

Hello everyone! I am getting through my queue quick as lightning, which means I'd like to fill some more slots to fill up my list for next work week!
I was finally able to pay for my health insurance, but still need money for groceries and car repairs! (Especially because we are now cooking for our roommates as well!)

Please check out my info below, or send me a tip if you cannot make an order!

Shares help! <3

Looking for 3D rigger for VRChat, have full blender model! 

New icon example for my Trello, featuring the lovely @Veladynee !

Thank you sm<33

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Otherkin, Thoughts, Physics? 

Remember to hug your local squeaky friends! Pooltoys, balloons, and all! <3

Pooltoys sure often want friends to join them!

A commission for Veladynee, Goldkin, and Hawke. Haven't done a commission in quite a while. Or a polished picture like this, really. I'm satisfied with it in the end~.

NSFW Dream, Droneish, Pooltoy 

Nsfw, pooltoy, horny 

Did you know Australia is so big you could fit the entire country of Australia into it?

Dream, Squeak 

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