Ha, imagine losing followers on the birdsite because you suggested burning the white house to the ground. ^.==.^

Oh yeah, I have an account here. ^.==.^ Rawr and such.

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asking for help, boosts okay 

I wrote a thing. :D furaffinity.net/view/33157346/ FA might not be everyone's favourite platform, but I prefer getting some attention to zero attention on other sites.

youtube.com/watch?v=xrQtsLVa50 This resonates with me. ^.==.^ Dream. Not of what you are, but of what you want to be.

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To all those potentially dealing with severe snow for the first time, or perhaps just very infrequently... Here's some road tips! ^.==.^ If your traction control kicks in, slow down a bit. If your ABS kicks in when you break, also slow down & give yourself more time to stop. Steer into snow on the side of the road gently to help recover from an icy slide. Give yourself extra time to get places, and make sure to fully clear snow off your vehicle! Safe travels, from a Canadian Dragon. :3

Have you ever picked up your smaller friends, placed them on your lap / gut, and given them quality pets? Scritch all the good places, pet their tails, brush them if they've got fur... Then blow them up huge so they can return the favour. :3

Endure the cold by filling yourself up with hot water before you leave the house! Can't fit through the door because you filled up too much? Oh well! :D

Use caution when playing with the freshly exploded bits of your inflatable friends. They might get bored waiting and just reform around you. That's a good way for mergers to happen if you're not careful! Either that or finding yourself trapped inside a balloon critter. ^.==.^

I'm gonna huff, and puff, and blow you all up! :D Hope you like bubbly dragon breath!

Tired: Using Pokeball Plus to enhance your Pokemon experience.
Wired: Using Pokeball ++ to enhance your Pokemon all over. :3

For best results, gently shake your bottled bubblesaur before opening. Then pop the top, stand back, and enjoy the show. ^.==.^ Add to the bath for even more expansive fun! (Fyreworks is not responsible for damage to your home, wardrobe, city, or hemisphere.)

Inflatables with a built-in air pump. All they need to do is spin a ring on one of their nozzles, and up they go! :D Or perhaps unfurl an extension cord & hook themselves up to an electrical socket.

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