pooltoy, horny 

@oannablue Seems more like trying to stand on jello to me.

does pooltoy vinyl count as an exoskeleton

Good to see Frengers has blocked me on Twitter too.

Good to see you've dug in your toes about believing callouts and therefore I must be evil.




I sure haven't used this place much since being blocked by an artist I liked. It makes looking here just kinda, awkward.

also mastodon just in general feels like it failed to get any traction and we're all doomed to be trapped in twitter hell

@ceralor U-uh... I need a hose like that myself... for reasons. . ///.

@frengers I love the sharpness this has through the aliased brush~.

Love to be hollow and pliant and smooth and, aaaah...

A Mastodon tutorial? Telling me how to pump and squeak? What do you think I am, some kinda organic living CREATURE?


Wanna be a good Amaterasu... wanna commission Amaterasu art, that's really just art of me. I could also just, draw it myself... but...

pooltoy, horny 

pooltoy, horny 

pooltoy horny art 

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