Any suggestions on 3D rendering artists to follow, especially for fat/inflation stuff?

Work is the pits. Why is sheer perversion not a valid career choice? I got enough horny energy to power the whole city if given the chance.

Learning a new creative skill is satisfying, but man if it doesn't remind me how I feel like I have so little time to spend on hobbies.

Not gonna lie, I'd be okay with Twitter collapsing if it meant people started using a site better suited to serving as an art gallery, while still keeping the social aspect.

Of course, people are scattering to different sites. So following everyone becomes difficult.

Man, timezones are a nuisance sometimes. All the fun people are around and all the fun stuff happens while I'm at work.

Latex Rubberfur 

3D animated squeaky blimp goodness! 

Current mood is... Hefty purple bovine with a rump slowly swelling bigger, rounder, wider, with chest shortly joining in and filling out into a pair of pillowy balloons...

On the topic of kinky CYOA, here's my own handiwork from a while back. Contains male blueberry inflation and bursting. Pretty proud of it!

CW: Gay, Adult art 

Man, even though I feel like I don't have enough free time, I really wanna make another kinky CYOA game. It's just such a good format for expansion and transformation stuff...

Oh, might as well post the full image in my banner, it was a commission for Real on Twitter.


I'm already bad at keeping up with hobbies, but I really wanna learn low-poly modelling, make some PSX blimps...

Huh. Is it just me, or is the notification sound a squeaking balloon?

NSFW, fat 

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