Well I Just beat Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity!

This honestly was probably the most fun I ever had with a Warriors game.
I have several thoughts on whether this game is cannon or not cannon and honestly it makes me look forward to BotW2 all the more!


just had a thought of wuff me potentially having 9 tails.

Hrmmm...Might wanna workshop this idea~

Going back to Moonwuff mode cause I finally got pics of My fursuit and My maker will finally be sending them out real soon AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

fat raichu 

So My Final Fantasy 7 Remake Let's Play will finally be finished on Wednesday~

I'm happy I finally managed to get this project done. I dunno If I can do action games like that very often but it was a good experiment.

Next LP will be a simpler RPG I promise~

Hey All A new Episode of My LP series is UP!!! Check it out please~
MoonWuff Gaming: Final Fantasy VII Remake #46 -『J E N O V A』

Alolan chus love them some pancakes and this one is no exception...Ya need a lotta carbs n sugar to keep yerself afloat and well a lazy chu like this tends to pack away a lot course they may not be floating for much longer~

Chu in dumbass mode today.

no thoughts head empty...except for a headache
*grabs ibuprofen*

Hey Guys a New Episode of my LP series is UP!!! Please check it out~
MoonWuff Gaming: Final Fantasy VII Remake #45 -『Drum Roll』

I feel like a years worth of stress pain and anxiety just melt away!

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So...I managed to talk to me friend that i had been estranged from for over a year now...and....

...we patched things up! everything's not 100% but we're starting to get there. I cried and apologized and we spent the last 2 hours talking like old times...


Well I wasn't expecting a new TWEWY game so soon! Consider me interested...I know one friend of mine is gonna go absolutely batshit for this!


dunno how to classify this 

Say Hello to the Pokemon AU Version of myself:
Their name is Mana~
Mana is a tired AF psychic Alolan Raichu that tends to predict a lotta bad futures and is also an empath that tends to get short circuited from feeling others emotions.

Send them good vibes plz~

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