fat raichu 

Alolan chus love them some pancakes and this one is no exception...Ya need a lotta carbs n sugar to keep yerself afloat and well a lazy chu like this tends to pack away a lot course they may not be floating for much longer~


Say Hello to the Pokemon AU Version of myself:
Their name is Mana~
Mana is a tired AF psychic Alolan Raichu that tends to predict a lotta bad futures and is also an empath that tends to get short circuited from feeling others emotions.

Send them good vibes plz~


Buff Enby Renamon 

Big Butt Renamon 

So I wanted to make a renamon form for myself and well this was the result of it...
They ended up becoming an alternate Universe version of me...or maybe just a Renamon based on me

Anyway their name is "Mal" and They love to hack and mod themselves and others for fun~


Big Wuff Boobs 

uspol/shitpost/twitter conversation 

Demon Rei 

Chubby Goat 

NSFW/Hyper/Muscle/Shortstack Imp 

Cute AC Themed Gif 

So This was a Pic I had on the back burner for a loooooong time. I wanted to show off how Hexxer Looked before he went on his 350+ year long drunken bender and well...Let's just say he was very evil and very bored (that last part hasn't changed much TBH lol =w=)

Changing my Icon to be of this neat pic I got from
@ Pumpernickel_B (On Twitter)

Been using it as my Youtube channel and Twitch Icon/banner and I really heckin' love how It looks~!

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