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Guess I should give a Proper to myself here on this Instance.

The Name's Rei. I'm a Trans/Enby Magical Wolf!

My interests include RPGs, the Occult, and Drawing a heckton of different kinks! From Weight gain, Inflation, TF, and lewder/weird stuff as well.

I open commissions 2 times a Month and I'm a very fast and hard working Wuffle!

I have a Patreon here:

A Ko-Fi Here:

And My FA/Art Gallery is here:

Mood (-/+/?) 

Really wondering ATM how the flying heck i could get my youtube videos circulating out more...though maybe if i was doing a second LP along side the FF one maybe i'd have more interest....maybe...probably not.

Really wish YT wasn't such a dick to small time creators =.=;

Demon Rabbit Stripper/NSFW 

Hey guys a new Episode of my LP series is UP!! Pkease check it out and support a wuffs projects~!
MoonWuff Gaming: Final Fantasy VII Remake #34 -『More Side Quests!』

Lewd pooltoy mood 

Lil song to put a smile on folks face cause I know some folks might need a cute pick-me-up!

Hyper Potions - File Select (Super Mario 64 Remix)

Really wish I had more motivation and drive to keep typing out this story of mine. I have good ideas in my head its just hard to get them all out

Wish I was still friends with an old writer pal of mine...they could have given me some pointers =w=;

Just spent the last half hour putting adhesive filler in the gaps of my doors to prevent draft and high wind noises from blowing in... good lord its cold and windy outside @.o;;;

Well i started working on a pic and then got distracted and wanted to start writing a story...weird how that happens o3o;

Airheaded Wuff 

Just had a sudden thought of my rabbit, Hexxer in a REALLY skimpy witch/spell caster outfit and i may need to draw this tomorrow...

Airheaded Wuff 

Hey Guys a New Episode of My LP series is UP!!!
Check it out and support a wuffs projects~
MoonWuff Gaming: Final Fantasy VII Remake #33 -『Dreams and Derping』

You know what! Heck It I'm gonna start making plans to do a Lets Play of Pokemon Sword as my Next LP!

I'm wondering what I should do for my team I wonder.
I'd love to hear folks opinions on that!
(and NO I'm not doin a Nuzlocke)



Um....anyone have rubberwolf ideas i should draw?

muscle balloon 

MH (-/+) 

MH ( - ) 

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