@ceralor@blimps.xyz @RainbowToonBen@blimps.xyz Yep, over here at https://thetooniverse.xyz, It runs Calckey (Fork of another app called Misskey), and not Mastodon (But you can talk to any ). And at present, it currently doesn't have any app besides a Web App, but it does have many other things. Such as galleries, groups, Discord-style reactions, Markdown, plus lots of other cool things like effects :3 (The last one you will need to view directly here). Although I do check and receive notifications over on @soulfirethewolf@Soulfirethewolf@blimps.xyz as well

We also have a Discord server as well that I'm working on tying with the instance at

I'll leave the @ of
@thatonecalculator@stop.voring.me, the author of the fork, owner of https://stop.voring.me (unrelated to vore, see https://gulp.cafe for that), and a cool birb in general who probably has a better understanding and explanation of Calckey than me :p (I mainly just run and update the instance at the moment until I can find some time to further study Web Development)

Anyway, sorry for the long post (Another feature of Calckey), just excited you chose the federated network to call home, and I welcome to seeing you here if you so choose to, my wacky wolf-dragon!


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