Working on a new format for refs, this one is for Del on Twitter

Nemo pumped

There is an Ultraviolet anime and it is legitimately one of the most generic things I have ever viewed in my life. It could straight just be called "Anime Series" and it would not be markedly changed in any way.

I have reached the next stage of my adult life: Owning and maintaining a candy bowl

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Fat art, undies 

Nemo pumped

I edited this in about ten minutes for an "explain yourself in one image" thing two years ago on Birdsite and its still probably the most accurate and truthful thing I've ever done

Nemo is very powerful and handsome, thats the word on the street

Banned from Mastodon forever for not being horny enough

I am tearing through my commission queue like an evil wind, I am unkillable and will never die

Me: Why do I not have a skunk character
My two skunk characters: Excuse us what
Me: I should make a skunk character

How the hell does a melon baller cost $7

I just need a tool to scoop seeds and stems out of apples not a jeweled scepter to impress the Queen

Artwork: Jerky Dog But Fat 

Which one of you sons of bitches did this

Who is responsible

My sentai identity has been revealed??? Please do not tell the wicked men of this world, if they know my secrets I will never be able to defeat evil as FUCKRIDER again

Nothing makes me more inwardly suspicious than hearing "yeah everything looks good" the first time I turn in a sketch

What do you mean I did everything right the first time, I have never done anything right in my entire life, whats your game friend

Nemo pumped

Man I saw people complaining about not wanting to move to Mastodon and I love them but one of their examples was "Twitter could improve, look at FA"



That modernly coded bastion of navigability, security and uptime.

I joined the inflation instance and basically all I've been drawing is WG

The struggle is real

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