Blimpface of K.Y.L.E. from Fortnite
I just think he's handsome uwu~ 🎈
and epic should definitely add him to the shop >//>

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You just got your wish. You can soon use Tumblr for the Fediverse because it’s adding Fediverse connection.

Tumblr, with 472 million registered accounts as of 2019, is an American microblogging and person to person communication site established by David Karp in 2007 & owned by Automattic, that also owns WordPress. Tumblr permits users to post media to a short-structure blog.

Please don’t miss the fact that Tumblr’s parent company, Automattic, owns WordPress which makes up roughly 40% of the internet!

With a budget that dwarfs @Gargron, we predict that #Tumblr will quickly become the #1 software used to connect to the #Fediverse / #Mastodon Network. Tumblr will be the 1st major corporate social media to implement

Matt Mullenweg is the CEO of Tumblr that made the announcement yesterday:

Hey everyone right now I'm open for Ko-Fi cel-shaded one tone donation doodles if anyone is interested! Send me a ref and 6 Ko-Fi ($18) and I will draw a character of your choosing large and round (fat or inflation up to you, size may vary!)

Examples below:

Hi Blimps! In the interest of helping out with performance, and as more people onboard, I'd like to upgrade some facets of this instance performance-wise.

I'm opening up to accept donations one-time or monthly to help with server costs as I get stuff increased.

Big werewolf burger balloon~ 🐺🍔🎈💦
Commission for Anonymous

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Microdosing on being crushed by heavy objects so I can become immune to being flattened by any big fat 2-ton doms coming my way 🤞

Need to be called a good girl then crushed with a belly

I am continually confused by the way this site's cross search works, for instance I don't think or posts show up when i search tags or in the federated feed?


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