Fat / Blob Show more

I wanted to sketch my big boy, Vetal. I forgot his wings because I'm sleepy but I don't think he'll mind.

My Chubby Critters™ Show more

I'll properly introduce myself I guess. I'm Luanna, I'm an artist that draws a lot of weird stuff but here I'll be drawing big critters. My main sona is a raptor kaiju but I'll probably be drawing more of my pokesona, LD, a Lugia who can't fit into shirts even if she tries and my plane dragon, Vetal. But uhh hello!!👋

I am not sure if I will fit in or not but seeing how I feel super left out of the other instances I've tried I am gonna see how it feels here.

I'll probably keep only themed drawings here so anything big and round. But fair warning that as far as big round animals go I mostly draw chub/fat rather than inflation or pool toy but I have drawn those too!


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