Icky :ms_crow: :bikepump: pumped
Icky :ms_crow: :bikepump: pumped
Icky :ms_crow: :bikepump: pumped

:drake_dislike: planning encounters and puzzles for my D&D campaign
:drake_like: writing entire myths as backstory that nobody's ever gonna see

ahhh it's always such a good feeling when you're writing a D&D adventure and all the brainstorming finally clicks >v<

Icky :ms_crow: :bikepump: pumped

good morning squeakfriends!! it's Monday and that sucks, but it'll be over before you know it!

Icky :ms_crow: :bikepump: pumped

furry wrestling, thigh squeeze 

Icky :ms_crow: :bikepump: pumped


If your "women and enbies" doesn't include AMAB enbies who still present very masculine

It's gross and you should keep it to yourself

Or admit that you just like girls, it's fine, nobody will judge you

Icky :ms_crow: :bikepump: pumped

glass coffins,
will they be popular?
remains to be seen

(which is, of course, how pooltoys sleep)

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rehhhh, gmorning, it's only 9AM and i'm already feeling ready to be deflated and boxed up

i'm stuck doing some stupid repetitive bullshit at work, and listening to the Doom 2016 soundtrack is really helping channel my frustrated energy

helo mastodon
I'm still tryin to figure out how to be social here you all enjoy music ranting

yall this is honestly why i don't use mastodon much


Icky :ms_crow: :bikepump: pumped

aaaaahh god, my usual second cup of coffee was a huge mistake

now i'm just shaky AND sleepy, somehow

iiiiii get a little bit ginghis mingus

hi mastodon! you look nice today!

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