Had a weird dream last night where I learned that AVGN/James Rolfe had his name changed to "Jimmy Lemon"

@Icelingbolt it tastes like how gojo smells but I mean it in the best way possible

Plot twist: what if I'm secretly high on mushrooms and actually eating gojo hand cleaner without realizing it? (epic prank)

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The grittiness of the "fizzy" coating only adds to the effect

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Got a bag of haribo fizzy cola gummies and they taste like how gojo hand cleaner smells

@Austin_Dern It's been a while since I upgraded to a smartphone, but I remember my flip phone had a prompt I had to accept when I connected it to my pc over usb

@Austin_Dern I don't know if he did or not, but you should be able to copy them over to a pc over usb or by using an SD card

I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to music theory and songwriting, but I picked a couple notes that sound good together and played around with them and it sounds ~lovely~

apple's official self-repair kit, reviewed by The Verge 

There was supposed to be a video attached to this post, but it was too big whoops

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dark childhood shit 

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