Knowing I got a picture off my phone recently but not remembering how I did it or how to do it again.

(My phone is from 2008 so it doesn't have fancy modern things like, uh, apps or Bluetooth maybe?)

By popular demand, here's a (three-year-old) picture of my phone!

Note the publication date of that picture: the most recently received call on it at that time was fifty weeks in the past.

(I'll get this sorted yet.)

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@Glitchyeen Ooh, great!

Did he ever get photos off of it by any chance?

@Austin_Dern I don't know if he did or not, but you should be able to copy them over to a pc over usb or by using an SD card

@Austin_Dern It's been a while since I upgraded to a smartphone, but I remember my flip phone had a prompt I had to accept when I connected it to my pc over usb

@Glitchyeen Thanks; I did try connecting it but we have so many non-data cables around here it's hard to be sure where the problem is.

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