Inflation shitpost 

I think I'm finally done with this silly thing! I might tweak a couple of things slightly before I officially toss it in my reference folder, but it is otherwise complete ✌️


Cop: I pulled you over for going 68 in a 55.

Me: Damn, 68? Officer, can you make that number just a little higher so I can hear the judge read it out loud?

Cop: Sure, whatever.

*Later in traffic court...*

Judge: How the fuck were you going 420 in a 55?

@RobinHood who exactly is this pellets guy I keep hearing about?

TIL my county's old logo is really fucking cool

I have no idea why they ever changed it

Lewd Gidhauser art 

In a weird mood ATM where I'm sick and don't quite have the energy to be productive, but also I'm in the mood to get shit DONE



Lewd shitpost 

Lewd shitpost 

I was watching Macaw45 stream the Russian cinematic platformer "Bermuda Syndrome," and then this amazing moment happened:

hey someone put all the hyena scenes in birds of prey into a supercut for me


My camera doesn't quite do it justice; it looks really sharp and clean in person!

I'm a super good mood today because:

1: I accidentally made the perfect coffee this morning
2: i successfully installed a backlight/bivert mod on my Gameboy last night
And 3: I mayyyyy have commissioned some Gidhauser art

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