Identity shittoot 

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I might end up adopting Gus as a secondary fursona of mine???

I've had Glitch for so long, and I do still identify with him a lot. But increasingly often lately I find myself indentifying with Gus a ton.

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I've had three moods as of late:

-thinkin bout yeens
-thinkin bout yotes
-crushing on Gus so hard

Inflation, cute balloonie badger, overalls 

Imagine if you put a collar on and it tf'd you into a huge dumb subserviant brute of a gnoll would that be weird or what ehehe 💦

Inflation, inflatables, kingly outfit, general silliness 

Potentially cursed image 

Lewd irl 

oh my god check this out

this just might be the coolest thing i have seen in my entire life

Yeen bulge and butte in cute undies 

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Yeen bulge and butte in cute undies 

Consider: a version of Blender written entirely in C, and it's called Clender

Here at Oldsmobile we understand the “hip” new whippersnapper on-the-go, that’s why we’ve decided to rebrand as...


The fleek new car to carry your ska band to the club or druggist or speakeasy! Just listen to that Compact Disk player it’s Twerktastic™️!

Is demiromantic a thing? Because I think I might be that???

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