Y'all ever just see clothing that you extremely want but absolutely cannot justify? Because I've just seen this Wipeout Feisar jacket.

£60, $113 AUD. Sorry wardrobe, maybe when I live somewhere colder. insertcoinclothing.com/jackets

one Sir Mix-A-Lot likes big butts and cannot lie, the other Sir Mix-A-Lot likes big tiddies and cannot tell the truth


you have one question

—-📁Tax Records
——📁Q4 2006
——-📁Investment Dividends
———📁Sarasota Beachfront Property
————📁Falco Lombardi Feet Pics

I just powerwalked across an entire shopping mall to deliver a pizza, AMA

Man, I should stop making so many inflation jokes. I don't wanna decrease their value by making too many!

I had a dream the other night where I was at some kind of shitty theme park and the first ride I went on involved going up 5-6 flights on a spiral staircase, and then taking an elevator back down to the ground floor.

lewd shitpost 

In a mood rn where southern accents absolutely destroy me

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