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I'm in one of those moods where I just wanna bury my face somewhere fuzzy

"This fox man is puffkissing this kangaroo man and that's really hot, but I'm not gay"

"This manly, muscular wolf is lying spread eagle on this hugely inflated male tiger, and he's nuzzling the tiger's chest fluff. That's really nice, but I'm definitely not gay"

I shyed away from female-focused kink art, because There was always a disproportionate focus on the boobs, and I kept telling myself that I just really liked inflation, and that the boobs distracted from the main kink.

Looking back, the amount of denial I was in is actually kind of funny.

This is one of the first pictures I stumbled across:

The first artists I encountered were OzKangaroo, Blue, Tombfyre, and Tolstoy. Before long I also encountered Aokamidu, and he led me to FA, where I lurked for a bit, before finally making my account on October 11th of 2007, at 10:47 PM.

I remember not coming to terms with my sexuality until 2010 or 2011, and in the meantime I kept trying to tell myself that I was straight, despite only liking guy-focused kink art.

Anyway, back in mid 2007 I was browsing then-new youtube, looking for clips of inflation from old cartoons, when I stumbled upon a video called "fat furs 2", which was a slideshow of fat/inflation art set to the main menu theme of Sonic and the Secret Rings. In the comments, this one guy mentioned that you can find this stuff on DeviantArt. Immediately my mind was blown, because up until that point, I had no idea that there were others who liked this stuff as well.

I feel like I'm fairly unique in how I came to be a member of this fandom.
It all started when I was little. Like /really/ little. I've had an interest in inflation since probably age 4 or 5, literally as far back as I can remember. Pretty much everyone with a kink can trace their interest back to a specific moment, but I can't. There's literally not a single point in my memory where I wasn't into inflation. It's like less of a kink, and more like the basis of my sexuality.

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I feel like doing so much and talking to so many people but at the same time I think I'm too incoherent to hold a proper conversation

Man, I'm absolutely blasted rn. Stayed up late, kept sleeping in, and also I've had a bunch of coffee

SecondLife is just Roblox except you don't get banned for typing wtf

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