Inflation humor(?) 

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When you get an account on a social media site and realize you have absolutely nothing to talk about.

Inflation humor 

Garan pumped

I want to adopt a fennec fox.

Not, like, to own. I want to give money to a zoo to support the care of fennec foxes. Provided I get to name one, of course. That’s all. I would never want to own a non-domesticated animal. I just want to pay to name one.

... I’m taking far too long to say that I want to name a fennec fox Kylo Fen, aren’t I?

@JulieSqveakaroo I've been trying to think of a way to introduce myself without sounding like a jerk. I've decided to just keep it simple and hope for the best.

Hi there, nice to meet another puffy kangaroo.


Inflatable, character musing 

Inflation pondering 

Hello, I used to be an occasional writer of inflation related stories, but I had to leave the fandom for a while for personal reasons. No, there was no "I'm leaving forever" post involved.

I'm trying to reconnect with the squeaky side again, and look forward to meeting new people here.


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