28 Days Haunted is so incredibly bad but it's so fucking fun to watch. Please check it out, I want them to make another season lol.

Also apologies for filling your feeds throughout the night, I'm a night owl x3

I do not understand nitro brewed coffee, it feels and tastes exactly the same to me; at least from a can..

Man after staring at a sign saying the coffee maker is broken: "So when do ya'll start serving coffee?"


nsfw, inflation, burst teasing 

A random cut in the sidewall of my tire is exactly what I need right now.. :/

One thing that I find really important when it comes to drawing is just getting past *starting*. I have to constantly remind myself that "*Yes*, this does look terrible *right now*, but with enough tweaking you'll like it later!"

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For your first day on Mastodon, just a few humbly suggested steps! Welcome to the party!

1) Consider if you're on the server for you, your hobbies, and your moderation desires. You can always migrate your account, later. docs.joinmastodon.org/user/mov

2) Make a profile! These can be longer than Twitter ones - and you can format them with line breaks, italics (using asterix), and loads of emoji. Check the emoji on your server, here! emojos.in/

3) If you liked who you followed on Twitter, use debirdify.pruvisto.org/ and/or fedifinder.glitch.me/ to create a csv of all the people you followed there to upload into Mastodon, using the web menu option Preferences > Import. Now you are following the same folks!

4) Using debirdify.pruvisto.org/, you can also export your Twitter blocklist, and import it using the same function in Mastodon.

5) Create an introduction post! Use lots of hashtags to help people find you and your interests, as there's no algorithm or string search function here. Make sure to add the hashtag introduction!

6) Get used to using hashtags in your posts regularly, so that people can find them manually or using the hashtag following function, or the rss feed function.

7) Use CWs liberally, to help people decide what to see. Follow your server's guidelines, but definitely CW those movie spoilers!

8) Use alt text in your images whenever possible, to help people with screen readers enjoy it here, too!

9) Enjoy your new community, and have a lot of fun!

#MastodonTips #MastodonNewbie

Fox maw painting - vore, eye contact 

Happy Walk-Your-Floaty-Friends-Around-New-York Day!

I really hope nobody in this hotel can hear my big air pump.. I don't think they can but it's always a worry πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

omg you really can just add the verified emoji haha. No one wants to impersonate me anyways so you know I'm the real deal~

Granted, in person it's still like communicating with an alien lmao

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Anyone else have that one coworker that you just cannot understand over the phone? Lol

When they say they can take more but they're clearly struggling and straining? Yeah that's the best;

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