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That's it God I'm coming up there and killing you myself for this bullshit.

Thinking about how there's no 69th street in the south Brooklyn again

The hell timeline where Rich Energy was a genuine company with actual assets and value and went on to sponsor Clint Bowyer in NASCAR for 19 races in addition to the F1 title sponsorship

I may have diverged in style.

oh no it works. too well

yes there's going to be more

furry art, pretty much finished, SFW 

Cars, as a means of going on a fun road trip: 💯
Cars, as the default mode of transit, taking priority over trains and buses: 👎

Horny, sticky entrapment, gum kink 

furry art draft 

auto club short track but it's as wide as the original track

food-adjacent fursona thoughts 

vore. oh no. 

Imagine just following me and then I just start spouting out the random racing bullshit that comes to my mind.

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My favorite Ferrari moment is Fernando Alonso struggling to get past Will Stevens in a fucking Caterham CT05.

The F-14 T was also a trash Ferrari and I have no idea how Ferrari instantly became second best team for four years straight thereafter.

auto club short track but it's as wide as the original track

NASCAR, confederate flag related stuff 

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