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Re while I'm still 22 and never updated the old one to say I'm 22.

Call me Chris/Chrisso/Chrissi/Formula.
I'm black, 22, bi, and mostly lean towards he with some her days.

I usually go off about random shit that comes to mind, be it racing, transit, my characters, school projects or what have you now. Also the round, but you saw the instance name.

There really isn't too much more to say beyond just being a bit shy still and a touch reclusive, but usually willing to chat.

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1:15 AM is a perfect time to do an an post, because I haven't done 50 of those already and forgotten to pin them to my profile.

Anyways, I'm a 21-year old black mechanical engineering student trying to conquer the world of "car setup". Also I'm a car enthusiast who hates car culture. No, not the dudebro one, though I hate that too.

If I'm not kink-posting or shitposting 24/7/365.24, I'm probably going off about some FSAE project of mine, racing, cars, games, or my .

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Note to self: refer to this when I finally get to drawing engines before drawing installed engines.

oh wow seeing the emoji set you did in 2018 still be used in 2022 is something

So i've been working on updating some of my characters and like

def keen on getting better at hair still.

Do like this tho

Tit Talk, slightly horny 

so who's going to be the one that actually convinces me of any alternate platforms for art.

christ it's been one hit after the other while i somehow manage to keep this one class's grade tolerable, innit

Mixcraft being my video editing software of choice by force was not what I was expecting going into this semester.

anyhow fuck this rough draft, it was not great and the video component was even shitter.

no official dx but i swear i'm too autistic for webcams.

Oh yeah, I recently started messing about with Candi's hair. I'll probably keep the original style to or have it for some of her species variants but y e a h.

It reminded me of gummy worms and i h a t e i t h e r e

of all the assignments that seemed most poised to make me scream from the rough draft

I really didn't expect this to be the one.

But alas

oh god if this trend continues what the fuck will the eportfolio be like

he says as if he had an idea of this one and totally didn't lose half of the time to work on it thanks to having to do a motherboard swap

the one bonus about not having my core group of friends here is that they can't bully me into making a tiny borderless emoji of [redacted]

i know I said this ages ago, but one of these days I should redo those emotes that I made for here.

anyhow, what do.

besides being 90% done with dealing with a laptop that's been falling apart, I've been just trying to learn Mixcraft as a challenege and sweet mother of tradeoffs.

Got really burned out of doing art fiscally (it's just really not worth it for me at this stage), and I'm basically just doing silly doodles for friends in a discord group outside of my usual things.

yeah, might've had A Spell™ last night.

Anyhow, idk. Been struggling with finishing an assignment that got delayed because I had to swap out a motherboard on Thursday and then swap out the screen on Friday, and I only just got Office to work completely fine this noon.

What the fuck are computers.
Why can't I graphic design.

why the fuck do i keep saying "pop" i know the instance I'm on but g o d d a m n

anyhow, tbh, this isn't exactly a place I want to only just pop in for a few days and then leave for like a month or many, but I struggle massively with finding a point at which to engage with people, and is one of those really big frustrations for me.

Fatfur, gum kink stuff 

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