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1:15 AM is a perfect time to do an an post, because I haven't done 50 of those already and forgotten to pin them to my profile.

Anyways, I'm a 21-year old black mechanical engineering student trying to conquer the world of "car setup". Also I'm a car enthusiast who hates car culture. No, not the dudebro one, though I hate that too.

If I'm not kink-posting or shitposting 24/7/365.24, I'm probably going off about some FSAE project of mine, racing, cars, games, or my .

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Note to self: refer to this when I finally get to drawing engines before drawing installed engines.

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2016 was a weird year in which the Belgians were specially being pissed off by the SRO.

Remember MarcVDS? Remember when they were more than just a bike racing team?

Remember when WRT got so pissed off at the SRO that they bought an LMP2 and almost won their only ACO race?

Okay, so what had a faster laptime, the 2012 Aston Martin AMR-One, or the 2015 ByKolles CLM P1/01.

Off to Wikipedia I go.

Anything that does less race laps at Le Mans than the entirety of the Aston-Martin AMR-One program is automatic grounds for roasting.

Which means I can't roast the fucking ByKolles. Even the 2017 attempt.

Which in itself is a massive roast towards the AMR-One program.

Car fanatics getting excited about wankels technically being legal at Le Mans again is the epitome of excitement over literally nothing and wishful thinking, especially since the one company that even uses them doesn't really have the budget to do so and literally were phased out of factory support for a turbo-4 a decade and a half while they were still legal because they just sucked at the task at hand.

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i am utterly reliant on then B U T G O D am I bored of them.

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Ah fuck, the PS3 shitting the bed means that I can't even make any more pics.

Or chase a on RMs with the 908 at La Sarthe

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I'm probably going to just boost my shitposts for the time being

damnit Chris you're suppoused to think about suspension before frame

I know Group C was sportscar only, but imagine if much like Group B and Group A there was an off-road equivalent to it.


iRacing Le Mans Series from Lime Rock Park

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