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Re while I'm still 22 and never updated the old one to say I'm 22.

Call me Chris/Chrisso/Chrissi/Formula.
I'm black, 22, bi, and mostly lean towards he with some her days.

I usually go off about random shit that comes to mind, be it racing, transit, my characters, school projects or what have you now. Also the round, but you saw the instance name.

There really isn't too much more to say beyond just being a bit shy still and a touch reclusive, but usually willing to chat.

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1:15 AM is a perfect time to do an an post, because I haven't done 50 of those already and forgotten to pin them to my profile.

Anyways, I'm a 21-year old black mechanical engineering student trying to conquer the world of "car setup". Also I'm a car enthusiast who hates car culture. No, not the dudebro one, though I hate that too.

If I'm not kink-posting or shitposting 24/7/365.24, I'm probably going off about some FSAE project of mine, racing, cars, games, or my .

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Note to self: refer to this when I finally get to drawing engines before drawing installed engines.

hey being jokingly mean to people, especially online, only works if there's a pre-established relationship ensuring that the other person knows you're joking and not just being a random dickhead


henlo wassup folks I'm completely high on my bullshit right now

I want to get art with other people, like joint comms and the like

Maybe I'd think Barber could put on a good race if literally every Indycar even there wasn't mired with rain.

okay what do i have to do to hear the new blimps squeak

"oh, it's just three blocks west"
*walks half a mile going and half a mile going back*

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somehow, I get the feeling that being an American and also used to the Manhattan grid plan of 1912 has absolutely fucked over my sense of what the hell is a short walk and a small area.

i've not heard the new blimps notif yet and i feel wronged by that

kink mention but sfw otherwise 

I shouldn't think about the canonical implications of Mercedes having been in Mario Kart

Am I the only one who things isobutanol is fun to say?

april fools drawing 

If this works this will appear on the 69th minute of 4/20.

the five mastodon tabs i have open all making the new notification sound at the same time: B̵̻̲̝̺̜̓͌Ë̸̟̭̤́̏͜-̵͖̅̂͝B̵̠̙̣̺̟̔E̸̩̩̥͂̽̒́Ę̸̇̊͐͝P̵͔̈́ͅ

me, desperately trying to sift through all 500 of my tabs to find them:

scared to find out what kind of april fools prank this instance can pull on me

I wonder what a good Lola/Chrissi interaction would be.

I kinda imagine the two doing both making music and sim racing together; with the latter doing the intro and the car setup engineering for the former's sim racing streams

Like, there's an entire flag which covers trans, gay, and PoC all in one and it looks dope as FUCK while leaving the white trans stripe

Use that one, it's the best Pride flag in every way

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