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1:15 AM is a perfect time to do an an post, because I haven't done 50 of those already and forgotten to pin them to my profile.

Anyways, I'm a 21-year old black mechanical engineering student trying to conquer the world of "car setup". Also I'm a car enthusiast who hates car culture. No, not the dudebro one, though I hate that too.

If I'm not kink-posting or shitposting 24/7/365.24, I'm probably going off about some FSAE project of mine, racing, cars, games, or my .

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Note to self: refer to this when I finally get to drawing engines before drawing installed engines.

alcohol posting, almost injury, yes this just happened 

So I ended a toot with 69 characters remaining
Definitely one of my nicer posts.

Art plans wrt minor FA accolade. 

NASCAR Musings, LFR 

NASCAR fans before the LFR announcement: "Christopher Bell deserves a ride in Cup, having been one of few to surpass Kyle in Xfinity. Also it's a shame his Xfinity ride is entirely dependent on a rich kid (Brandon Jones) whose dad owns the sponsor on his and Bell's car.

NASCAR fans after the LFR announcement: Christopher Bell is a rich kid who hasn't paid his dues.


Hold the fuck up did Guido fucking lead in a Levine car at a short track?

Jesus Christ this is first year Allmendinger at JTG all over again

Personal, self doubt, mild vent 

time to make a birthday yote balloon and a belated birthday sharko balloon

aaaaaaaaa so many blimpy birthdays so close to each other

Shitpost, self, kink art 

NASCAR (MESCS), Bristol Qualy 

wow I'm glad Watkins Glen has paved runoff now.

Gravel traps and cars are awful.

Not even gotten to the start yet when suddenly Kevin Harvick in a No.98 Ford


*[Biagi-Debendeste intensifies]*

Not watching Bristol tonight but Imma watch the golden combination of NASCAR trucks and road courses.

Kevin Harvick, 2003: Yo Tony you want an Xfinity car?
Tony Stewart, 2013: Yo Kevin you want a Cup Ride?

tmw Micheal Waltrip has a better finishing average than Jimmy Johnson in this series

(probably the same for Xfinity tbh)

Reminder that this is the 11th anniversary of Jimmy Johnson's sole Truck Start, which proceeded to go like a typical Xfinity race for him.

automation makes sense for routinely operating systems with few variables. it doesnt make sense for incredibly dynamic situations where split second decisions can mean the difference between life and death

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