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Re while I'm still 22 and never updated the old one to say I'm 22.

Call me Chris/Chrisso/Chrissi/Formula.
I'm black, 22, bi, and mostly lean towards he with some her days.

I usually go off about random shit that comes to mind, be it racing, transit, my characters, school projects or what have you now. Also the round, but you saw the instance name.

There really isn't too much more to say beyond just being a bit shy still and a touch reclusive, but usually willing to chat.

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1:15 AM is a perfect time to do an an post, because I haven't done 50 of those already and forgotten to pin them to my profile.

Anyways, I'm a 21-year old black mechanical engineering student trying to conquer the world of "car setup". Also I'm a car enthusiast who hates car culture. No, not the dudebro one, though I hate that too.

If I'm not kink-posting or shitposting 24/7/365.24, I'm probably going off about some FSAE project of mine, racing, cars, games, or my .

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Note to self: refer to this when I finally get to drawing engines before drawing installed engines.

Giant gnolls girl, sketched genitals, nsfw 

Giant gnolls girl, sketched genitals, nsfw 

giant inflatable sketch, no parts 

Day 8238 of being alive and I still cannot draw the fwoomp proper.

colored furry art, exposed nipples 

Just logged into linkedin for the first time in months and months. So disgusted by all the job postings involving AWS/Amazon/Google/etc etc etc that I wrote literally the first ever post I've made on linkedin.

Let's see how it's received...

ref sheet sketching, NSFW (exposed nipples) 

ref sheet sketching, NSFW (exposed nipples) 

The current mood after the dangerous levels of caucasity experienced in the last hour.

Preg kink 

The usual vore joke 

Personal physical health shitpost 

self-drawn furry art, butt focus, sweat, 

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