Latex/rubber, transformation, M to F 

Starting dinner early so I can get the stream going afterwards. Drawing the last request list image during it.

Re-upload fix, rubber/latex, transformation 

I always loop back to Kraftwerk when testing new speakers. It's just one of those things of knowing the music so well it's easy to hear deviations.

Something else related. I really want 2019 be the year I start streaming more again in general. I've neglected it so much and I'm mostly wasting my own Picarto sub by rarely doing so. I can't do it all nicely scheduled as others do on weekly set times as my work just doesn't support that. But I can make an effort to stream as much of my stuff as possible.

It always feel unsettling when I talk to my parents and they remember something like somebody visiting me or such that should be important to me but I can't remember it at all. My long term memory is pretty bad in that regard. I know that there are arguments I've had with people. And they still are mad at me but I straight up don't remember why they are. I tend to brush it off as likely wasn't that important as defense. But it does feel like my memory is creating my own fake history of events.

Weight gain, latex/rubber, Christmas 

Went to my parents and headed over to a local Chinese-Indonesian restaurant. Went back home and we rented Antman. And now I'm back home, chillin' with a can of Bacardi Razz. It's been a good 1st Christmas day.

Latex/rubber, nudity, Christmas 

After two days of streaming it's time for that needed cleaning day.

Rubber/latex, skintight suit, Christmas, transformation 

2nd Stream day has arrived. Won't be as long as yesterday but going for it.~

Tuned into a lounge radio station and it's currently playing a elevator/muzak version of The Neverending Story theme. There is something ungodly about that.

Transformation, hypnosis, toyification 

Transformation, hypnosis, inflation 

It's Saturday, I didn't get a ton of sleep, it's more Fall then Winter outside. The ideal conditions to stream Christmas things.~

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