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so if a wolf fox is a folf, then a catfox is
cox? uhhh
fat? oh god-

I like every pokemon with a big belly

synth kobold with a gamecube style carrying handle on their back

Indigenous people from modern day Canada and Alaska invented the first sunglasses. The oldest pair known dates back to the year 1200. They work by limiting the amount of sunlight that hits your eyes, preventing snow blindness.

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⬅️NEXT➡️dating show contestant Acoolassbreeze is ready to go WILD!

icon commission for arvalo kolta! A cool hawkmon variant


the real blockbuster is the friends we made along the way

This here's a lil protogen gremlin named Lemon, belonging to my girlfriend!!

She gives you a smooch; it's like static electricity. Zzt.

(she will zap your RTX 3080, so don't let her near that)

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