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Hello! I'm Eon, a semi-animate pooltoy otter!

I'm a graduate student; working on my PhD in Physics with a focus on Non-Linear Dynamics, Complexity, and Multi-Fractality.
It keeps me pretty busy, but I post here when I have time!

I sometimes write stories in my spare time, of which I don't have enough, mostly focusing on living life as a pooltoy and exploring its consequences!

I love pooltoys, and being one is the best thing ever!

(🎨 by @frengers and DirtyBird)

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Using this space more now so I guess a small introduction is in order!
I'm Eon, an inflatable otter pool toy!

💙 Give plenty of rubs and snuggles frequently, thrives on physical affection!
💙 Be sure to deflate regularly to prevent its vinyl from overstretching and keep its air fresh!
💙 Casually tease it about how it's just a toy!
💙 Use in the pool! Loves to float and relax with you!

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aaaa look at this drawing i got of my fursona by !

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I upgraded my sketch from jungabeast @ twitter and am extremely ready for hugs

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