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Hello! I'm Eon, a semi-animate pooltoy otter!

I'm a graduate student; working on my PhD in Physics with a focus on Non-Linear Dynamics, Complexity, and Multi-Fractality.
It keeps me pretty busy, but I post here when I have time!

I sometimes write stories in my spare time, of which I don't have enough, mostly focusing on living life as a pooltoy and exploring its consequences!

I love pooltoys, and being one is the best thing ever!

(🎨 by @frengers and DirtyBird)

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Using this space more now so I guess a small introduction is in order!
I'm Eon, an inflatable otter pool toy!

💙 Give plenty of rubs and snuggles frequently, thrives on physical affection!
💙 Be sure to deflate regularly to prevent its vinyl from overstretching and keep its air fresh!
💙 Casually tease it about how it's just a toy!
💙 Use in the pool! Loves to float and relax with you!

Art by:


pooltoy, deflation 


ffxiv (some shb spoilers) 


Fediverse meta, Gab invasion 

pooltoy, deflation 

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pooltoy deflation, post tf 

-, pooltoy 

Leave tusky good reviews and mark the 1 stars as unhelpful, the trolls are throwing a review bombing tantrum because tusky won't bend to let them have their way. It RULES that they can't have their way and are so pressed about it but not at tuskys expense.

I got a really amazing commission from pawsmasher @ fa! everything about it is perfect ;w;

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pooltoy tf/inflation 

instance administration, taking a hard line against fascists 

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