Yay I found the Mastodon mobile app woohoo!

Twitter rant

God I really hate how one of my friends gets harassed by people who think fetishes are disgusting. I really hope soon this site gets a good mobile app cause I am really damn tired of normies just being assholes on twitter to furries for no reason

Haven't used Mastodon for a minute. Henlo frens uwu

As Shred looms over, eclipsing the whole city, he regrets gulping down all the helium...just kidding! I want MOAR! >:D

I'm playing Splatoon right now
i wanna be the balloon fish tbh

Have all my contact info on my profile and such. If any of you squeaks or puffs or whoever wanna chat just send a request or message!
I don't bite. I just puff and giggle

@ceralor has been an amazing admin so far helping me out figuring this place out. He deserves all the puffs!

For those who I don't really know, hi! I'm Dustin! I'm a nerdy boi who is either a yeen or a chocobo! I have a lot of forms. I love talking and such. I'm just here to try this place out!
Art credits to MonsterMomma91 on Twitter and Bloatable on Twitter

i like how likes are squeaks in this thing.

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