I'm in a weird nostalgic kick and drawing this character again

How to Evil Sonic OC: Just give them the Chaos Emeralds.

That's it, just that.

I'd like to think I've improved since 2007 though :B

Nostalgic kick continues, drew his one of CTV's senior duo. JTV in general was a bit all over the place other than being JOS' brother.

Plus some weird teenage me ideas that should've never been a thing.

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Well here's the third one of the trio, Dr. Zachary "Madrat" Moriarty

My regret with this character is I went with "Moriarty" as a surname but I also can't think of anything else at the moment

He was also just, "there" mostly

Colours to show robo-parts

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Seen as I'm still in the old Sonic OC kick, here's old JOS, who wasn't half rock

And by the end of me doing Sonic fan stuff was half mage half computer expert. I'd say unlike modern JOS he was a little undefined but tbh so is modern JOS

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He was the first character to be Touhou'd though

I gave him sepllcards, which weren't danmaku but just stored magic to burn instead of taking time to summon it.

That just became danmaku when I made him half rock.

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White's one of those characters I've drawn in the same pose repeatedly lol

Original Sonic style, 2012 and 2020 renditions.

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Decided to draw the other character I commonly paired with White but apparently the only drawings I can find is one from 2013 and *checks* 2004. Oh, oh no.

I don't think think he even had a name until like, 2007 lol

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