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I never really used Mastodon before but hey, I can give it another go o/

I'm DarkOverord, a typo who has been that way since 2004! I am furry as heck but also sometimes Squeaky! I usually hang around as a tanuki, but a dragon was what a chunk of peeps know me by!

I am also an artist! And do art things! In fact the main references for my characters here were by me :3

*casually attempts to brute force the final gym in Swoosh because no type matchups in the team*

Sword Shield Spoilers maybe? 

Hop: "Time for an exhibition match with the future Champion"

I mean, you're not wrong Hop. But only because your best friend got possessed by someone who has enough knowledge that he could start trying to learn the competitive scene

I keep looking at Circhester and reading it as Chichester this isn't fair Game Freak


Annoyingly I had to go to the wild area because everywhere else was daytime??????????????

Pokemon Sword Shield Spoilers 

I just realised Galaran Ponyta is just Swizzle Double Lollies made in to a horse

I like Galar's Gym Leader theme until you get to the last pokΓ©mon and all the football chanting starts

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