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I never really used Mastodon before but hey, I can give it another go o/

I'm DarkOverord, a typo who has been that way since 2004! I am furry as heck but also sometimes Squeaky! I usually hang around as a tanuki, but a dragon was what a chunk of peeps know me by!

I am also an artist! And do art things! In fact the main references for my characters here were by me :3

Anyway, all set up now! Say hi to me tomorrow/Sunday while you CONSUME ART.

The shitty bottle of Greggs water not included sorry (never but strawberry flavoured water from Greggs 😣)

I know I don't need to be up this early today, but I want to start the habit for Sat-Mon when I have to be at Dealers by 11 latest lol

Told Crim I planned on getting up at 7:30 and he's surprised I did and doesn't want to get up :p

i'm still firmly Goodra Pooltoy™️ right now but just a reminder that i'm also this very good pupy

Everybody's a pupy!

Otter? Tube pupy
Kangaroo? Bounce pupy
Sergal? Wedge pupy
Snake? Hiss pupy
Giraffe? Tall pupy

Big asking the real questions

That said, concerning question, does this mean Tails ALSO has a mustache????

Sitting here 100% confused how a lanyard and badge goes missing despite no major furniture upheaval between CFz2018 and CFz2019

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Bone Dry Dunes mostly remedied this by increasing the contrast between track and sand but still it gets me :x

Ah good to know that "sand area track and non-track blend together" much like in Mario...

This is something that gets me in Mario too (Dry Dry Desert especially) where yes, in stills it's pretty obvious what's track and not but when you gotta go fast and it's the first time suddenly it all starts to look the same.

I keep forgetting "Play story" and "Skip story" are the opposite to what I expect in a game with a story.

Phew got the doodle badges done. There will be googly eyes and they will be in a more limited supply than the eyelets and laminating pouches :p

*casually sellotapes a price disclaimer on his commission sheets because he forgot to include it on the original print and kiiiiiinda running out of ink*

Watching the latest TSR trailer and I can only see Eggman here going "Look at these idiots and some chao"

I mean I've worked out the price of the stickers it's just, everything else.

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