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New Year New Pin

Hi I'm DarkOverord, a digital artist who draws animal shaped things o/ I'm regularly open for commissions which you can find out more info when I post update posts but over on my home site!


Also here's some references so I have them all on one quick toot :B

I can add more stuff but I need to draw up the mini examples for that I'm just amused how much space I have lol

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I won't lie the snow and festive decorations in ACNH have got me tempted to put up the Christmas decorations :B

This is all I have left tbh

I'll dedicate a day to getting frustrated by swimming after the sea creatures some time this month lol XD;

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Hopefully I've made it more clear in imagery and also can make my words make more sense this time >.>;

I'm trying to decide if I should go back to the old design for Toy!DO's underbelly where the entire front side wasn't grey or if I should keep it how I did in Jan where it was

The intention is to get the new ref done ASAP really.

Inflatable DO really needs it. Everyone else's refs are 2018 onwards, toy's is 2016 (and shaded!?) lol

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