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Hi I'm DarkOverord, a digital artist who draws animal shaped things o/ I'm regularly open for commissions which you can find out more info over on

House building:

Also here's some references so I have them all on one quick tweet :B

okay that's better than the doodle earlier

Also apparently my brain is stuck on this mode for personal doodles atm

There's this little gremlin in my brain going "Yeeeeeeeeeeeees, YEEEEEEEEEEEES wait until the GBP sinks even lower so your pay is higher"

But then the other gremlin comes in and punches him 'cus I don't wanna keep this client waiting any longer

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Started working on the last commission in my current queue

Kind of left it to last 'cus it's absolutely gonna have a bit of back and forth (for good reason, just the nature of this comm!)

And now sitting here going "wow, almost the end of the queue... *looks at GBP*"

Is this Mystery Dungeon?

Also will this seed be less cruel to me? Time to find out!

Okay literally the first item is a sword so probably better than usual

I'll link to tumblr when I get a post up instead of spamming it all here :B

*angry hedgehog noises*

I've been very good and not spammed screenshots but I would like you to know I am literally at the point I could beat Gannon but I don't know where the Silver Bow is and UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURGH now I have to do the last dungeon

It's swamp palace uuuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh

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To be fair in this regard, in places where I can freely set it, other than Twitter, I have at this point completely dropped off They/He from my profiles

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It's cool enough in the flat that I can wear my dressing gown AND be wrapped up in a blanket <3

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