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I never really used Mastodon before but hey, I can give it another go o/

I'm DarkOverord, a typo who has been that way since 2004! I am furry as heck but also sometimes Squeaky! I usually hang around as a tanuki, but a dragon was what a chunk of peeps know me by!

I am also an artist! And do art things! In fact the main references for my characters here were by me :3

I'm already bad at lateral thinking puzzles and Baba is You is that to an extreme lol

Baba is You is fun but I think it might be too lateral for me lol

God sure I've wasted 4 hours of my day so far but I made the choice to get up at 11:40AM instead of groggily hating waking up at 2PM and GOD am I in such a good mood today.

Mild NSFW art - Drone Show more

Mild NSFW art - Drone Show more

Apparently 2019 is the year of red hedgehog

I really want more art of Simon tbh. Not just by me but hhhhh

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Bleh, today's not gone well for drawing lol

Got two things partly sketched out for commissions but don't feel they're ready to ask for approval lol

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