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I never really used Mastodon before but hey, I can give it another go o/

I'm DarkOverord, a typo who has been that way since 2004! I am furry as heck but also sometimes Squeaky! I usually hang around as a tanuki, but a dragon was what a chunk of peeps know me by!

I am also an artist! And do art things! In fact the main references for my characters here were by me :3

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I normally do Simon's quills pretty "smooth" like normal Sanic-esque quills.

But I like to think when he is angery all his quills stand on end.

So basically what I'm saying is: "I think I get like this because I have an unhealthy sleep and work schedule" lol

I think the main reason I get like this is I finish doing commission work so late in the night that by the time it's "relax time" I don't want to do anything else.

I'll just doodle or make more Simon stickers I guess lol

I'm trying to decide if it's a bad thing or not that I want to constantly draw now

[Puts tablet away because I've finished commission work for the day]

[Hand starts moving towards the tablet] Maybe I should draw...

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Sometimes I worry I appear disinterested when I reply with short replies but normally it's I don't know what to say and am interested X3

This seems relevant to my masto friends:

"So all the Animorphs books are available online for free with [Katherine Applegate]'s blessing, btw"

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