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Hi I'm DarkOverord, a digital artist who draws animal shaped things o/ I'm regularly open for commissions which you can find out more info when I post update posts but over on my home site!


Also here's some references so I have them all on one quick toot :B

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I never really used Mastodon before but hey, I can give it another go o/

I'm DarkOverord, a typo who has been that way since 2004! I am furry as heck but also sometimes Squeaky! I usually hang around as a tanuki, but a dragon was what a chunk of peeps know me by!

I am also an artist! And do art things! In fact the main references for my characters here were by me :3

I got gift art of Ashe from YongDasom via birdsite!

Not sticking, yet, thankfully. But people become idiot drivers the first sight of snow here.

It's snowing, on the day I'm travelling. Aaaaaaaaa

I'm not feeling tippity top today so while I'd want to do more at least a smol cutie

nsfw, furry, nude 

Also happy birthday to you too <3

Wow lots of bithdays in my circles today haha

Hey everyone it's's birthday and they're super lovely so happy birthday hun <3

Ignoring not wanting the cost of a new monitor the current one has audio out

And all the monitors I can find now either don't or have audio in only D;

And then it's flicked back on, no prompting

Oh no

Hooray leaving it unplugged for 10 minutes fixed it

oh no my 2nd monitor just decided to turn off for no reason

Help White Wedding has been stuck in my head for at least two days now

ooooo have twitter stopped destroying 400x400 non-transparent png icons?????????????

Really, game????

It's not like there's this big core mechanic with a legendary cloak in this.

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