@CurusKeel on a peary mecha dragon kaiju rampage through a cardboard city, with Patashu in tow, by @SixSydes@twitter.com ! Thank you!

Demonstrating bubble mastery and a perfect form-fitting latex suit! All perfect for a powerful squeaker in their own right~

Art by @FelisRandomis@twitter.com!

Wow haven't touched this in a while and it shows

how to warm up a friend

step 1: give them a hug
step 2: start running protein folding simulations with your general purpose compute processors
step 3: start running snuggle simulations with your privileged neural processors (the ones that run you)

@g @flussence I'm hecking here for this bubble bubble Tyranitar~

macro sfw 

absol: majestic loner beast who only arrives to warn people and save others from horrible environmental disasters

PMD absol: gay chuuni disaster who wont stop saying ominous shit about your date on friday

it's weird that the imperials keep fighting me even though i'm basically a horrible godslaying cryptid and they've seen me repeatedly dismantle towering war machines with my bare hands

if you went to war and there was just some fucker in the desert who kept running up to your tanks and punching them so hard they explode, i feel like maybe you wouldn't wanna fight that guy

unrealistic but cute idea: exchanging plushes of your fursonae with your friends

gender is just a theory man, you can't prove that shit, now put on the maid costume

@fluffy New Dawn ESP - the crossover "backwalk" at the start of measure 8 is defintely interesting, though doublesteps if you actually do the crossover. Suggest LDRDULUR for this - it's something like the patterns I use in Chewinggood!! ESP. (A variation of this can be used for measure 15 - I can send a screencap to show it off)

22's DLD triplet I'd suggest changing to ULU for a chill spinless section if you do the crossover

Otherwise looks good, definitely an 8

@fluffy New Dawn DSP - interesting use of doublesteps and crossovers throughout the song, this definitely feels like a technical if easy chart. Bump to 6-7 for this, especially for the technically challenging measure 26

@fluffy Delicious Candy DSP - agree with Patashu, the yellow note + stepjump part is sufficently difficult to push the song up to 7.

Measure 21 has a left 4th note at the start that looks like an unintetional crossover/doublestep considering the surrounding patterns.

The triplet at measure 23 has an unintentional doublestep as well

@fluffy Delicious Candy ESP - that explains why the CSP is so sparse lol a lot of it is just ESP

The 8th step jump ya used in the CSP around measure 37 works better than the somewhat off 12th used here

Otherwise this looks v good, besides the unintentional hold-induced hand at measure 15 (maybe have the upper note freeze end around the down note and turn this into a simple crossover pattern?)

@fluffy Delicious Candy CSP - The 16th runs feel out of place considering the otherwise sparse nature of the chart. I think this could easily be charted as a 13-14 if the arpegiated synth at the start & the background melodies in the latter half of the song were more closely followed

Agree with Patashu, incorporating accompanying rhythms will help a lot with upper-end charting

Thanks to @Patashu for being invaluable with reviewing these charts!

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