Dating request 

NSFW: stupid shit 

nsfw, updated reference sheet 

Nsfw, fantasizing 

i'm so ill and my throat hurts so much that i've been rendered mute for the whole day...

NSFW, looking for love 

There are times where I really hate the fact I've never had a sense of smell. mainly that time is when i'm around balloons and pooltoys. I've never experienced the smell of fresh latex or vinyl, and it makes me sad.

I'm wanting to make a sort of massive collaborative group commission, where loads of participants are inflated and smooshed against each other. If you wanna join, feel free! there's a list of guidelines and all the images at

#introductions since I didn't do it before 


if you wanna get involved in the group commission, just go ahead and get\make an image that fits the standard, and use the email form included to send me a link to it

If you're interested in the modular group commission, let me know via discord: @Fox Chaotica#7464

Planning on starting a modular group inflation commission, the first of its kind ever. It may work, it may be a flop, but no one will ever know unless we try it

I'm nocturnal during the night, then become diurnal during the day.

Basically, I never get any good sleep

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