*throws drillman.exe through wall* smash direct in an hour! like seriously , i think ill puff from excitement!

a note about sheploons 

puffy related warning of the horny nature 

This pup needs a pick me up. I don't care which direction it goes I just need a pick me up. :ms_bandaged:

Fair warning (and potential rp idea. Im bored over here) 

*throws rock through page and crawls through* sorry sorry, the telegram has a lot to it

I should try to interact with more people on telegram or discord or whatever else yall are using.

Lesson learned 

"You call using a bike pump a martial art?"

Me: hey as long as it works

I forgot to give out my morning to the world(o)

Ok i forgot how much fun replaying undertale was. Although mettatons encounter is still my personal favorite for 2 things: jetpacks and the all important megabuster (or soulshot. I just prefer a freakin arm cannon)

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