cw: belly kink/body horror? Show more

Ayy, I found a mastodon app, so now I might be on here for real lol (especially since tumblr is giving us the boot)

Weight Gain/Christmas Show more

TMI Tuesday Show more

Another PolVore joke Show more

Pol/vore joke Show more

Pol Show more

Love clocking out of a 14 hour shift and finding my car’s windshield frozen over lol

Inflation Hijinks Show more

Almost time to go to work and slip into emotional cruise control lol

Oh right! My icon comes from the ref sheet of my fursona made by Botherrabbitrub on Twitter ^^ (not sure if they’re on here)

IRL Inflation Shitpost Show more

Hmmm, I can log on to here if I enter through the Twitter browser, but if I use my phone’s regular browser, I can’t? *x-files theme*

IRL belly fun Show more

Hello, new social media I’ll probably get addicted to, lol


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