Lol, I took it and I think it got me spot on 😂🎯


Made a vore personality test with some friends of mine. It's kind of in a research stage right now, so the categories might not be super accurate, but answer 40 questions to find your Vore type indicator!

CSS by
Java help from


The Nurturer
[S]hared / [E]motional / [P]assive / Se[N]sual

SEPN predators love to make their prey feel warm and cosy, often encouraging them with comforting words before and after they are done eating them. They lean towards keeping their prey safe and secure,

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and are reluctant when it comes to anything that would cause their prey harm such as digestion. Some SEPN predators don't even consider themselves to be predators at all, choosing only to eat when a prey comes to them seeking to experience vore.

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@Taris Yeah, SEPN seems to be a good fit for a mere service-pred-for-friends like me.

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