Hi Y'all, pardon my lack of presence. I'm going to be doing some major updates here, and see if I can't get a better hold of stuff in general. I may be seeking adding a mod as well; with my RL situation I've been severely lacking in spoons lately but I still want to offer this place.

Upgrading the host to the newest LTS Ubuntu, and then will be doing a VERY big Mastodon update courtesy of @asonix for their excellent help <3

I MAY also be migrating to a docker-based setup. I've been using Docker extensively at home for running dozens of containers at once, and I really like the ease of maintenance.

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Possibly pressing pause for now because I'm not entirely sure what to do for upgrading Postgres since it wants to upgrade from 10 to 12 in the LTS update, and my walf wants to play disc golf so I'll resume later today!

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@ceralor Ah, hope you can sort this out and find a way to run things that's less of a strain. Happy to help if I can, although I'm not sure what good I can be.

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