So there's this person who takes photographs from inside musical instruments and I want to live in the 1970s Movie Future where the interior of a Steinway piano is the Community Transport Central Hub or whatever.

@Austin_Dern …adding this to my collection of macro/micro inspiration photos…

Also yeah, that looks cool!

@Austin_Dern I thought this was a row of turbines inside a dam at first

@InternetEh It makes sense as that too! The shape so looks like it should be things only a little out of our everyday experience.

@Austin_Dern @pixouls The first time I saw the inside of that violin (or whatever it is) I thought “oh cute, someone put f-holes on the top of that indoor skate park”.

@a @pixouls Oh yes, it looks like that era of public art where they wanted stuff to be beautiful and eccentric and it's so good.

@kookie Right? Just imagine having to sit around and wait for somebody while reading your paperback and there's a cushioned column to lean against.

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