@Austin_Dern Mark looks like he's gauging whether you can punch an enby

@lawremipsum Mark Trail's been having trouble adjusting to being in 2020 suddenly, as you can see by the stubble. I'm quite curious where all this is leading.

@lawremipsum Yeah, it's unsettling recognizing oneself in a Mark Trail comic.

@Austin_Dern Wait, isn't Mark Trail the crusty uneventful eco-centric cartoon that folks only read out of a feeling of obligation to read all of the funnies?

@Vordus That is the one! Although I do sincerely enjoy it, too.

The last cartoonist got fired after he got flame-warry on Birdsite and got into a feud with a blogger that he put into the comic strip. After a short interval of reruns, they've hired Jules Rivera to do new strips; her dailies started a couple weeks ago and Sundays (which have a longer lead time) should start in one or two weeks.

And, uh, Rivera is trying to set Mark Trail in 2020, which is a bold choice.

@Vordus Yeah; I understand unease about it, but the *anger* is something else.

I like the story comics, myself (and recapping them is the most popular thing on my blog), but I just can't get that intensity. Maybe it reflects me not really knowing how to be an intense Fan of something anymore, though. It's been a long time since I felt betrayed by the new thing in a series.

@Vordus I vaguely remember it was published in Boys Life for a while when I was a younger Scout, but they dropped it...

@Austin_Dern This is so far out of line from the last time I saw a Mark Trail strip I'm legitimately trying to work out what even happened

@BalooUriza Yeah, the new artist has been throwing us a lot of changes.

I write a blog that recaps the plots of story comics and I have gotten *so* *many* readers looking up what's the deal with Mark Trail, or complaining about the new Mark Trail, this past month ...

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