Some people roleplay in verbs. Some people roleplay in nouns. Neither is wrong. But if your group has people from both types and they don't know how to make allowances for the different style, you get the bad friction.

I'm a verb roleplayer myself, so I feel like, 'I press the button' is a fine enough line. And then a noun roleplayer asks, 'Can you describe that some more?' and it's ... like ... uh ... "I ... press the green button ... on ... the panel?' and I check the AV Club for the fourth time tonight.

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@IceWolf It's just an observation of styles. The kinds of details that people make the story good for them. It's not a truly rigid division; it's just a rough guide to what people default to as the important thing.

@IceWolf It's still just my observations. You might find different kinds of play to be important.

@Austin_Dern I mean, same, but third person.

It's all actions, and I throw descriptions of the environment in when they feel particularly suitable!!

@katja Oh, I've never figured out whether to go first or third person in a scene, ever. Mercifully I don't usually have to be consistent about it.

@Austin_Dern I tend to flip back and forth, depending on what feels right for the particular post. 😁

@Tamber One big complication for me is I play on furry mucks, where it's easy to create a puppet, a secondary character that everyone knows you control. It's good for making sidekicks or auxiliary roles. A one-on-one scene with someone who has a puppet feels like it's got to be third-person, even if, were their puppet not there, I'd feel all right using second-person. I don't understand this as I know the audience is exactly the same.

@Tamber This is true; it's amazing how much context goes into these little things.

@Austin_Dern So it's not necessarily using as many verbs in a single post as a noun roleplayer would use nouns in their post, it's just a greater focus on "what I'm doing" and not "the description and detail of my actions", right?

(I feel like I'm missing something obvious; it's not your explanation at fault. And as someone who's descriptively oriented, I'll keep this in mind if we somehow wind up role-playing. I generally try to match others' styles anyways.)

@digitalfox You understand it exactly; it's a difference between the actions and the descriptions of what's going on. Story versus mood would be as good a breakdown.

@Austin_Dern See, I'm slowly pressing the button inward on the shiny panel. I'm all about the adjectives.

@Austin_Dern Mostly though, I'm looking for character count, and while that sounds silly... 200-400 characters per pose (For TS (Which, well)) is about the sweet spot. More feels epistolary, less feels rushed unless it's a mutual hot jumbling.

But I'm going to think more now about noun vs verb vs adjective, here.

@Chiaroscuro I was thinking of describing the difference as verbs versus adjectives too. I think it's really more a division between plot and mood. This is part of why it's not really an impermeable division and does depend on the point of the scene.

Also I think part of why it's confusing to discover your partner's on the other side of the divide and so isn't satisfied right now.

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