ObOldTimerStuff: that time on FurToonia @spottyfox forgot she loaned me her remote-control morpher and I started shapeshifting her from a different room and she couldn't figure out why she was spontaneously turning into a vksbf'taur or a kangaroo or something.

@Felthry @spottyfox It was a slightly complicated hybrid: a vampiric-kitsune-silkie-bat-fish-taur. Bit of a joke about what seemed like over-complicated hybrids of the time, but cheerfully done.

They were four-tailed, too, and I did a fun side business swapping the tails around.

@Austin_Dern @Felthry My goodness, I haven't seen that pic in literal decades.

@spottyfox @Felthry I haven't either; I'm assuming I saw it on SCFA back in the day but can't swear to it.

That and an alicorn picture seem to be Katrus's only representation on FurAffinity, for whatever that inspires in you.

Probably could resurrect that plans-for-any-brick picture I'd drawn from the Yerf archive, but I'm not sure that isn't too embarrassing to post.

@Austin_Dern @Felthry I kinda thought that was cute. Nice Krazy Kat homage.

@spottyfox @Felthry Aw, thank you.

Been realizing lately how much of my drawing back then was Krazy Kat pastiche and now do almost nothing that style.

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