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Happy ! Today a pleasant black-and-white icon from FA/techno. (warning: gallery includes robot gore) and the rare showing off of my teeth!

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The rare picture of me doing something! FA/Turnsky charcoal-style picture of me eating.

I have the problem of not really having a basic schtick, so it's hard for artists to have any idea what I could be doing. Eating is a reliable and realistic thing, but I've always been bored by people, mostly on mucks, who toss me food; there's not much fun to be had playing eating. More fun cadging food off someone, but that's a complicated commission.

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On April 4, 1998, my friends learned I hadn't been making coatis up all along (many people did not realize!), as Mystery Science Theather 3000 episode The Puma Man did a sketch with Mike as Coatimundi Man!

When I won an MST3K-theme contest from Thomas K Dye ( ), I *had* to get this picture of Coatimundi Coatimundi.

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For a previously-unpublished (I think?) quickie sketch by Thomas K Dye ( ) of me experiencing a Meh, Henry bar, from SpinDizzy Muck's Off-Brand Candy Shop.

There's a bunch of not-quite-right candies in the shop (Snarkers Bars, Fresh-Water Taffy) but the Meh, Henry brand really captures people's imaginations.

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Happy ! FA/TailsMilesPrower8 was doing chibi-plush YCH art, so this gets me in a more toy mood.

The nose may seem a bit small, but this is consistent with real coati plush that don't go for photorealism. The colors being so strongly red panda matches what I'd expect from a real toy, too.

I should get more plush art; I like the seams aesthetic and, of course, any sort of transmutation into a different material is so good for me.

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Happy ! Years ago montypuffs on birdsite offered quickie little sketches so here's me running off with Roofus_roo's magic wand. I have curiously few running gags, considering how long I've been around. Helping Roofus_roo learn to share her shiny magic accessories is one of the handful I have, and a good one since anyone can understand and get in on it. I should get more art along this theme.

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Happy before Christmas! It's the full Spaceroo drawing used for my seasonal icon. In this 1997 Frithmas classic Spaceroo and I save the holiday with the help of an unknown seagull and squirrel. The 90s were a time and a half, friends.

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Happy last of the year! And ... oh, oh dear. We need to clear something up here. While it's true coatis will rub strong-smelling things on themselves, this does not mean we're usable as potpourri! Silly jar-maker.

Jar YCH by FA/spac-e-b0y.

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A late today: Fitzroy Fox drawing me especially slender and fat-tailed.

The rarely-seen armband's a Krazy Kat reference that every artist, me included, forgets and Fitzroy's the first to include it.

While the FA title for the picture is 'I Ain't No Raccoon', and I like not being a raccoon, the truth is like most coatis I'll caucus with the raccoons; our platforms are so similar it'd be foolish to split.

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Today's vintage is drawn by me, featuring Spaceroo, for The Borrow fanzine #1. Seen on page 11 of (scanned by @zorinlynx.)

The fanzine was done by regulars of HoneyBadger's Burrow on FurryMuck, and organized by @captpackrat@birdsite. It ran two issues I"m aware of. Now it's a snapshot of a late 90s furry microcommunity.

In the two decades since I drew this my art has evolved, in that I've lost the calligraphy pen that gave me such nice weird line weights.

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For today the rarest of all pictures: the one that uses Weasyl! Pooltoy me from @/ArtingMartini

This picture paid *so* many dividends. While it was drawn folks in-stream were trying to guess my species, and one person offered 'gay otter'. Every time I remember this I smile.

Plus this picture got a comment from @ceralor that reconnected me with an old friend and that was a happy event.

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The Burrow fanzine's all the rage lately, so let me put it back in ! Here's HillBluffer's illustration of me from that zine.

Someone on eBay hopes to get $100 for the fanzine, which you can get at for free. But they illustrate it with me, as picture 3!

HillBluffer was a bear, one of the big regulars of the Burrow; he'd marry Bilali, another Burrow regular, an Albertan bush baby.

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Oh, I'm inexplicably absent from today but here's dashing superhero Cosmic Coati (II) drawn by ZenFetcher ( or ) instead!

I'd talked with Zen about how fun transmutation is; he thought that'd make a good super'sona for ... someone ... and is right.

I still don't do enough with transmutation, but there's always hope.

The (II) is there because it turns out few superlatives alliterate with 'coati' and someone else did something too.

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today is hot off the presses: a flag commission from KingTrashPossum@birdsite, or FA/DrVirus:

I don't have enough art where I'm doing something specific and, happily, yoinking eggs is quite a comfortable thing for me to do. Plus it gives good reason to show off our really quite good paws.

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Happy ! On SpinDizzy I spent a while as pooltoy. This little picture from FA/Mekh illustrates one little distinctive moment of that, the strange moment when you first step onto water and stay on the surface.

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Happy Paleoart ! Spaceroo draws himself Bigears fennec, an unknown fox, me, Ikyoto lemur, and Skippy and Smucker.

Ikyoto was a fun person, and seemed close to Spaceroo, then vanished after a year. I wonder who she became.

Spaceroo always drew Skippy and Smucker, Animaniacs fan character toons, as realistic.

If the fox weren't in the way I'd likely extract an icon from this pose; it's such a perfect expression of nonanthro coati marching along.

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It's a Silver-Age today! FA/Slickpuppy does comic book cover redraws, and here's one showing off my joy in transmutation. It's rather anthro for me but there's so few nonanthro comics covers, especially with texture-shifting like this.

Slickpuppy occasionally opens for comic book cover redraws and I've got plans for when he does next; you should, too.

I'd kind of like to do a real superhero'sona thing but that's also, like, effort.

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today has that Shiny Day spirit! FA/techno. renders me as a nicely shiny inflatable.

I so like the shine, of course, but also the seams and the tied-off tail do so much to emphasize being a balloon here. The hearts on the paw pads are also great details, emphasizing cute toyness.

And I hope tomorrow everyone has a great Shiny Day. It's the third-highest event on the Raccoon calendar, after Raccoon Day and lunch.

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Happy Shiny Day! May it be a chance to share your light and joy with a world needing it so. Art by FA/-hornbuckle-

We're fortunate that Shiny Day falls on Raccoon Day this year so it'll be extra special, despite the news.

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Snacking on with FA/zukarotravon showing that even when I'm clay I'm part of the clean-plate club.

I'd wanted a Gumby-style blocky-body look for the picture; you can really see it in the shape of my head here.

People have questions about the clay side of me and I don't know the ansers to *any* of them, like, what I eat or how.

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My littlest picture! @/holidayhearse on birdsite drew an amoebic coati, part of a series (I believe still open) of amoebic commissions at

I like a little meltiness or goopiness to start with and this goes to a fun extreme.

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An April Fool's ! I jumped at the rubber clown 'sona experiments FA/techno (indrikisxiii on birdsite) was offering, and haven't stopped bouncing.

This was such a fun commission to get and is a lesson to volunteer for artists who're trying experiments. There's so many great lines here.

I don't like shoes RL (they hurt my feet) but as part of a clown makeover they're great for my character.

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Happy paleoart ! This Spaceroo piece has me, Bigears, and Spaceroo celebrate HoneyBadger's October birthday.

HoneyBadger and Bigears were the hosts of the Burrow, *the* FurryMuck hangout spot of 1996-98, and Spaceroo and I regulars.

This has maybe the darkest paws I've ever had in art. I have no canonical, consistent fur pattern, mind; I love the variations.

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It's a of surprises! FA/LaraTheLabRat got quite into a weird zipper-transformation idea I'd had.

The zippersnake idea is, they'll turn their victims into fursuits, and LaraTheLabRat's done it better than I could, with this sequence. I have, like, notes for maybe two more pages explaining zneks and about one-tenth the ability to render it. This is a shame since, looking over this sequence: there are a lot of people who'd reeeeeally like more of this.

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Also it's my anniversary! I'll reshare the start, a Thomas K Dye ( ) picture that got lost from the birdsite version of thread.

I should definitely make up a Generic Early-60s Hanna-Barbera Scene to get a 'still' from.

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I have to miss on an urgent appointment that suddenly arose! But never fear here's superhero Cosmic Coati luckily here just as I stepped out of the room. Picture by FA/Zen_Fetcher.

Gloves and sneakers may seem like a lot to wear but you do want something to keep transmutation powers under good control.

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Is getting warmer? A melty commission by FA/techno (at that time, plushcub) of me being all soft-hearted and soft-everything else.

My melting point has been pleasantly lowering. ZukaroTravon and techno have been great influences, as good solid non-solid artists.

And you may recognize this as the source of the banner and my current (early May 2020) icon here.

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digs into paleofurry art! In '98 Cecil drew me hanging out on a mouse mage's shoulders.

I still leap onto people's shoulders, but less often as, like, I'm a giant on FurryMuck and that can be trouble.

Cecil was a regular on Furry and FurToonia and his archive has a lot of regulars of the era.

If my snout seems off remember this was posed before Google existed. Reference photos were rare and getting away from dog snouts was hard.

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A hot new ! @/Bimshwel on Birdsite (FA/fmirsokp) offered sketches and was kind enough to take me on for this gorgeous piece.

I've admired their drawing style, and humor style, for *years* and am thrilled to have a joyful piece like this.

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An ancient ! In 1998 Shadow joined me and Spaceroo at Albany Anthrocon, and drew us at the diner.

Shadow and Spaceroo were wizards on SpinDizzy Muck (and its predecessor Toons Furr and Fluff) with me. I've lost touch with that Shadow in the decades since, though, and miss him.

You can see this is before I was eating vegetarian.

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provided by FA/techno. today, who was kind enough to draw my first(!) pinball portrait.

I am amazed it took me this long to think of 'draw me doing the thing I spend the most time doing'. Seriously, pinball is about 60% of everything I do in normal times and I still had trouble thinking of what the picture should be me doing.

Happily techno was game. Read the comments for why that's funny.

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Another vintage as Shadow draws something 'based on a tale' from Albany Anthrocon that I don't remember at all.

I like being thought of as someone who could help in a crisis, though, and remember, and always shall.

It's hard to say why all furry art looked like this in the 90s, but an important part of it is that scanners didn't work and nobody knew where to get paper and there were, like, two marker pens anyone could buy.

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More vintage ! HoneyBadger drew this piece in reflection of my space and (theoretical) rocket interests.

I *believe* this was intended for the Burrow fanzine but don't know if it was published. I do know .

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A nice warm at last! Puddle commission from prdarkfox@birdsite who's melting folks all summer long. (US$20 commission; see )

It's fun spending time as a liquid, and I like a good melt, but not as much as I like the fact that .

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For our anniversary enjoy a drawing my wife made at Motor City Furry Con 2019 showing us on the Hospitality tables.

The con set crayons and paper over all the tables, and people covered these in joyful abundance, a great idea I hope they do next time.

Also, the Moral Law tells us .

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Happy ! FA/ fmirsokp did this spectacular piece adding color to my toes.

I've admired their style and energetic poses and bold colors for years and am thrilled to have gotten two pieces by them recently.

Also, for how much I like it, you'd think I'd have many pictures of me being painted. (TF and non-TF.) But it's only in the past month that I realized I could commission pictures where I *do* something instead of nervous-smile.

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Happy ! FA/techno. wanted to practice robot sketches and so that's how my second robot-coati picture came about! I don't know the significance of the circular handle on back but I really like it.

... Considering how I like technological forms you'd think I would spend more time in one.

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Someone has given Robot Austin a time-out this ! Follow-up picture from FA/techno. from last week's picture.

Thanks to VahnoEckran on birdsite for suggesting this insult to my dignity.

Also I like characters caught by something that should, logically, be easy to escape, like this.

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I'm in a different fix this ! corpsepet@birdsite (who's open for more object commissions) drew me in plush, struggling to speak.

I really like plush who can only speak with a drawstring pull they can't give themselves. It adds a nice petty vulnerability and that's rather pleasant. Don't see that nearly enough.

This finds someone else thought I was being a pill.
Picture by FA/TheDarkestDream

It's tough to make a chibi coati but TheDarkestDream managed pretty well. I really like the claws, too.

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@Felthry Aw, thank you!

Corpsepet has a really great plush and inflatable style, and I'm happy was willing to listen to direction to raise commission prices because it was really under-charging.

@Austin_Dern oh! someone else who uses it pronouns!

that's always extremely good to see

@Felthry corpsepet specifically lists as 'he/it' but I figure someone doing that really prefers 'it' and is just not protesting 'he' for now.

@Austin_Dern yeah i feel like there's kinda... an ordering to pronouns that doesn't always go most-preferred to least-preferred

people saying he/it probably (but not necessarily) prefer it but won't object to he

but people who say he/they are more likely to prefer he and accept they compared to people who say they/he

then neopronouns get into it and it's a bit nonstandard

i feel like there's a linguistic Thing here though

@Felthry I haven't noticed the he/they versus they/he distinction, but I'll be more alert for it now.

I suppose I'm deferring to the notion that someone wouldn't mention a pronoun besides she-or-he unless it was the one they want, so that's where I tend to go first.

@Austin_Dern i feel like people saying he/they are sometimes transmasc people who prefer he but deal with they since it's at least not she, but people saying they/he are more likely nonbinary people who just don't mind he pronouns?

but we could be wrong on that

@Felthry You may be right! I haven't paid attention to the differences between a he/they and a they/he construction and will try to do so now.

@Felthry @Austin_Dern I personally go he/they because they is neutral/default and I want to be explicit that it's okay to call me that, even though I'm .. uh .. well I'm nonbinary aren't I, but mostly cis.

@Felthry @Austin_Dern (Well I'm really "he/it or they", undecided on it. :3)

@IceWolf @Austin_Dern I list my pronoun as it/they, and Rose seems to be vaguely in the "feminine-sounding but not necessarily she"/they area

@IceWolf @Austin_Dern To be a little more specific--and yes i'm slightly annoyed at Fel for not being more specific--I've used zhe/zhir, she/her, and zhe/hir, and wouldn't be opposed to sie/hir or shi/hir pronouns. "They" is, of course, also fine.

@Felthry @IceWolf Pronouns can be hard! Sometimes a fit will seem right but not be true. Sometimes what is true will change out from under you. Sometimes you need to experiment; sometimes what's been certain for ages evaporates; sometimes you need to rest and accept something ill-fitting while you find energy to explore.

This is all fine, and even learning a particular pronoun isn't right for you right now is learning something true and worthwhile about yourself.

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