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For today, also a piece! A sketch by bitesizedewalt on birdsite, who'd wanted to do seashore-style pictures.

I so like the water and mer-creatures and webbed paws. If I had canonical shapeshifting powers, I'd take this as a morph. is someone I liked back in FurryMuck's glory days, and amazed me by remembering me when we got back in touch. (I usually assume people forget me the moment I'm out of sight, whatever our past relationship was.)

Today's picture is so new it hasn't dried! Friend @frengers was fascinated by my clay coati form and drew it.

I started playing clay-elemental Austin on FurToonia Muck. It's a great variation, letting me play with transmuting and malleability.

I haven't succeeded in bringing the clay-elemental form to a new roleplay environment but do keep thinking it's a great idea.

today is my other picture! pretor on FurAffinity offered half-fish YCHs and I took the chance.

Making a mer-creature of a nonanthro is a challenge and I like that this still reads as a fish, not a mer-humanoid.

I always like water creatures (see ) and the lionfish half cleverly adapts my tailrings.

Starting my anniversary-month with this Savannah Horrocks picture of me and my dear bride BunnyHugger:

It's a us-together con-book sketch BunnyHugger commissioned at Midwest FurFest 2008 and we both look so gorgeously nonanthro here.

My anniversary-month pictures continue with a Lyanti sketch that my dear BunnyHugger got at Morphicon 2009:

It may not come through, but there's this little tongue blep coming from me to lick BunnyHugger's cheek. It's such a good little bit of business.

has a Morphicon 2011 sketchbook from one of the Ringtail Cafe artists (we didn't get her name).

If you do recognize the artist's signature I'd love to know as people who know the coati muzzle deserve the praise.

I don't do enough with my arboreal-creature nature and it's great that many artists do think to.

Another Couples ! MWFF 2009 sketchbook art done by Likeshine in a picture true to our endless snuggling.

As often happens I'm large for @bunnydoe here. I think artists can't resist how adorable we look as a big-coati/small-bunny pair.

For here's another couples sketchbook picture, even though it's past our wedding anniversary month. By Laura Garabedian, done at MWFF 2011.

If it seems we're always snuggling in pictures it's because Garabedian and other artists represent well how we like simply being together.

For more of me snuggling dear @bunnydoe, done by fa/Matuska at Furfright 2012, just ahead of Superstorm Sandy.

My hindpaws clutching BunnyHugger is a thing I do in real life and that's maybe more wonderful even than Matsuka's graceful head shapes.

But also, all those toes and claws are gorgeously rendered. Just look at them.

It's ! Here's another couples sketch, done by Hibbary at MWFF 2010 featuring nose-touching.

It's also magnificent for the look of toes, both rabbit and coati, but Hibbary's ears have a fantastic shape it's easy to overlook.

Another snuggling couples ! My love BunnyHugger's Morphicon 2010 commission from Gravewalker, with me blepped.

I love the pose, and BunnyHugger sprawling so neatly across me. The markings are all also fantastic. Many pictures have poses that don't show off her markings and this is one of the rare ones you can see her spotting.

Happy early ! Here, a 2011 Furry Connection North sketchbook picture by Firefeathers, more snuggling.

I know they're Firefeathers' construction lines but enjoy how they give BunnyHugger's face a hyperreal expressiveness.

Another snuggling ? Could be! Done by FarelleMoon for my darling BunnyHugger at Furry Connection North 2009. We're often drawn as adorable; this is a high point for cute pictures. The valentine hearts are true to real life.

And one ore cuddling ! Done by CoconutMilkyWay at FCN2012 with maybe BunnyHugger's cutest face ever. It's particularly wonderful for @bunnydoe's face, smiling and eyes just barely peeking open. And there's this solidity to the shapes that stands out.

A last cuddling . Each day with my love BunnyHugger is a gift. The day of Christmas 2010, FA/francis_john drew.

I don't think any artist has ever rendered us more fuzzy or with more liquid-looking eyes, or with her headfur looking more lush. And the ever-challenging coati paws come out great. Plus my tail gets to look nice, long, and slender.

Of course there's another cuddling , with a picture BunnyHugger drew in June 2008, when we were first a couple.

I had (on SpinDizzy) silver fur then, after the first Shiny Day. And BunnyHugger draws and digitally paints with such lovely touches.

We were about a month from meeting in person when she drew this.

For another picture my love BunnyHugger drew of me. The lines were done at Christmas 2007 and colors put in around Shiny Day (17 March) 2008.

She draws me to look young, but she makes me feel young. Also I like how blobby and liquid and three-dimensional the silver looks.

The head scruff is more stylish than I usually think I have, but it makes for good cartoon logic; keeps my head from being too boring up top.

today is a watercolor picture my love BunnyHugger made in 2011.

It's one of the few color pictures of Austin done in physical media, or that show how raccoon-like the coati body is.

It's also the (not actually) rare picture where I'm just a coati, not silver or melting or a crystal or something peculiar like that.

Happy with another BunnyHugger-drawn picture of us. The Moon's always been one of our couple-symbols.

Moon imagery comes to us from Krazy Kat, and muck rooms (on a private place and then SpinDizzy) inspired by Apollo 17's landing site, places where we came to know each other and then turned from friends to lovers.

Happy ! Here's BunnyHugger's most technically ambitious picture of us together:

She was immortalizing the brief while on SpinDizzy Muck that she was a balloon (someone had called to his spouse --- the moon Spengo --- which drew near to visit, causing floods, and since she couldn't swim well but did know where the balloon-tf device was, she used that in the emergency), and we enjoyed the novelty.

Happy ! Another version of BunnyHugger's first-ever picture of me, this in real-coati colors.

It's from early in our relationship, before she learned how I like changing colors. She would recolor this in silver to compensate.

Happy ! My love BunnyHugger enjoyed sculpting my clay form, on FurToonia, and once drew the result.

Obviously I need to play up my clay side more, not least because it encourages people to do stuff like this. Also, coati and dragon blend surprisingly well.

For , my regrets for missing the Get Out The Float inflatables convention. A pooltoy virus commission from FA/JacFox that I'm not sure has published before.

The texture and puffiness is fantastic, and I really love how prominent the inner ring is, as that's unique to this kind of toy form.

My preference in TF is for novel textures that preserve the coati form, so this was very right.

A brand-new illustration for ! It's a seadragon-itis commission from FA/JacFox that's a great moment of complex transformation. Again I love the sense of texture and puffiness, and that it picks up the moment that has to be peak awkward-body.

CoatiMonday, melting, may look like cooking 

Happy Halloween! FA/-Hornbuckle- sketched Berkeley Moreland, crab-eating raccoon and proprietor of SpinDizzy muck's Off-Brand Candy Shop! Yes, that's a Meh Henry candy bar he's offering; good luck enjoying!

Crab-eating raccoons are, somehow, a procyonid species even more obscure than coatis, and only *look* like I made them up as the transporter-acccident merger between a coati and a marten.

And happy . FA/Akaji_Yui just weeks ago did this commission with maybe the cutest face mask I've ever sported. As a bonus, the left picture hints at how adorable and weird coati teeth can get.

I don't have a canonical set of markings, or color, but I love all the little ruffles given the edges of my white here. Standing on hindpaws as on the right is something coatis will do, yes, briefly or while running off with lunch.

Happy ! Today a pleasant black-and-white icon from FA/techno. (warning: gallery includes robot gore) and the rare showing off of my teeth!

The rare picture of me doing something! FA/Turnsky charcoal-style picture of me eating.

I have the problem of not really having a basic schtick, so it's hard for artists to have any idea what I could be doing. Eating is a reliable and realistic thing, but I've always been bored by people, mostly on mucks, who toss me food; there's not much fun to be had playing eating. More fun cadging food off someone, but that's a complicated commission.

On April 4, 1998, my friends learned I hadn't been making coatis up all along (many people did not realize!), as Mystery Science Theather 3000 episode The Puma Man did a sketch with Mike as Coatimundi Man!

When I won an MST3K-theme contest from Thomas K Dye ( ), I *had* to get this picture of Coatimundi Coatimundi.

For a previously-unpublished (I think?) quickie sketch by Thomas K Dye ( ) of me experiencing a Meh, Henry bar, from SpinDizzy Muck's Off-Brand Candy Shop.

There's a bunch of not-quite-right candies in the shop (Snarkers Bars, Fresh-Water Taffy) but the Meh, Henry brand really captures people's imaginations.

Happy ! FA/TailsMilesPrower8 was doing chibi-plush YCH art, so this gets me in a more toy mood.

The nose may seem a bit small, but this is consistent with real coati plush that don't go for photorealism. The colors being so strongly red panda matches what I'd expect from a real toy, too.

I should get more plush art; I like the seams aesthetic and, of course, any sort of transmutation into a different material is so good for me.

Happy ! Years ago montypuffs on birdsite offered quickie little sketches so here's me running off with Roofus_roo's magic wand. I have curiously few running gags, considering how long I've been around. Helping Roofus_roo learn to share her shiny magic accessories is one of the handful I have, and a good one since anyone can understand and get in on it. I should get more art along this theme.

Happy before Christmas! It's the full Spaceroo drawing used for my seasonal icon. In this 1997 Frithmas classic Spaceroo and I save the holiday with the help of an unknown seagull and squirrel. The 90s were a time and a half, friends.

Happy last of the year! And ... oh, oh dear. We need to clear something up here. While it's true coatis will rub strong-smelling things on themselves, this does not mean we're usable as potpourri! Silly jar-maker.

Jar YCH by FA/spac-e-b0y.

A late today: Fitzroy Fox drawing me especially slender and fat-tailed.

The rarely-seen armband's a Krazy Kat reference that every artist, me included, forgets and Fitzroy's the first to include it.

While the FA title for the picture is 'I Ain't No Raccoon', and I like not being a raccoon, the truth is like most coatis I'll caucus with the raccoons; our platforms are so similar it'd be foolish to split.

Today's vintage is drawn by me, featuring Spaceroo, for The Borrow fanzine #1. Seen on page 11 of (scanned by @zorinlynx.)

The fanzine was done by regulars of HoneyBadger's Burrow on FurryMuck, and organized by @captpackrat@birdsite. It ran two issues I"m aware of. Now it's a snapshot of a late 90s furry microcommunity.

In the two decades since I drew this my art has evolved, in that I've lost the calligraphy pen that gave me such nice weird line weights.


For today the rarest of all pictures: the one that uses Weasyl! Pooltoy me from @/ArtingMartini

This picture paid *so* many dividends. While it was drawn folks in-stream were trying to guess my species, and one person offered 'gay otter'. Every time I remember this I smile.

Plus this picture got a comment from @ceralor that reconnected me with an old friend and that was a happy event.

The Burrow fanzine's all the rage lately, so let me put it back in ! Here's HillBluffer's illustration of me from that zine.

Someone on eBay hopes to get $100 for the fanzine, which you can get at for free. But they illustrate it with me, as picture 3!

HillBluffer was a bear, one of the big regulars of the Burrow; he'd marry Bilali, another Burrow regular, an Albertan bush baby.

Oh, I'm inexplicably absent from today but here's dashing superhero Cosmic Coati (II) drawn by ZenFetcher ( or ) instead!

I'd talked with Zen about how fun transmutation is; he thought that'd make a good super'sona for ... someone ... and is right.

I still don't do enough with transmutation, but there's always hope.

The (II) is there because it turns out few superlatives alliterate with 'coati' and someone else did something too.

today is hot off the presses: a flag commission from KingTrashPossum@birdsite, or FA/DrVirus:

I don't have enough art where I'm doing something specific and, happily, yoinking eggs is quite a comfortable thing for me to do. Plus it gives good reason to show off our really quite good paws.

Happy ! On SpinDizzy I spent a while as pooltoy. This little picture from FA/Mekh illustrates one little distinctive moment of that, the strange moment when you first step onto water and stay on the surface.

@Austin_Dern Here's me at fairly gay ottery of a mongoose, BTW. Does happen to us all.
Also my tail's migrated upwards along my back. Not sure if that's the gay or the otter.

@Chiaroscuro Oh, yes, I can see where someone might read otter from that.

Tails do tend to wander around some. I've never gotten a picture highlighting my rear end but can imagine a lot of curious possibilities there.

@Austin_Dern General Herpestid/Mustelid confusion is expected. I get mis-identified most as a weasel, skunk (due to color patterns), and otter in that order.

@Chiaroscuro Which all makes sense. I usually get red panda (coloration), then raccoon, then lemur (long ringed tail). Otter and mongoose are idiosyncratic guesses.

@Austin_Dern Raccoon is a close one, that's quite fair. If I got called a Meerkat I'd be content!
I'm a fictitious mongoose species anyway, no one really guesses among mongoose species. (I've settled after years that Yellow Mongoose is really close.)

@Chiaroscuro Oh yeah, has anyone worked out the wordplay in your species without being prompted yet?

@Austin_Dern There's been one or two people over the years getting it. And there's people that call me 'moongoose' just to be silly, and I never correct them, I quite like it.
(Even more magical is when some folks individually arrive on 'Chio' as a shortening of name, which I adore but never suggest. (It's a little complex)).

@Chiaroscuro I am curious about 'Chio' and will ask next time I catch you on Furry or such.

@Austin_Dern To be fair, in an alternate universe, you probably do make a superb gay otter. ^_^

@porsupah Was just about to say to @Chiaroscuro if I had to be something that wasn't procyonid, otter would fit pretty well. Yes, yes, something in mongoose would fit too.

And, yeah, if I weren't in a happy relationship, I'd ... well, probably fit in as bi-asexual, which would pass for gay-but-not-dating.

So, if you went back to 1995 and re-rolled the dice, 'gay otter' would be a decent bet.

@Austin_Dern I think I have a copy of that in one of my furry comic boxes.

@Nikon Wouldn't be surprised! I should have a copy in the basement myself, though I'm not sure in what box.

@BalooUriza I'm afraid I don't know. I haven't seen him in ages.

Apparently he's connected as recently as ... May, but I don't know just where to catch him.

@BalooUriza Yeah, happy about that. I don't think anyone of the Burrow crowd has died since Mavra.

@Austin_Dern I forget how she walked on, just remember that there was a few times were I'd log in and be like, "Ooh, I bet Mavra would love this link!" and wait like, an hour before I'd ask when Mavra was gonna log in and get re-reminded that she's no longer here.

@BalooUriza Yeah; I still get that myself sometimes. Her death really hit Loqu hard, too.

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