Round 1 of : I went 5-7. One first place finish in four games. Mediocre start but still, hopes remain high. I probably could have got another point had I remembered Black Belt better.

My freak event this round: ball jumped over the flippers of Captain Fantastic, and hit the drain so hard it bounced back over the flippers again, back into play.

Round 2 of : I went 7-5, bringing me to 12-12, which would be a good pace for the day if I can keep that up. First place on Wizard Of Oz and Volcano, and had been making a good comeback on Shadow. And I got to watch Roger Sharpe playing nearby.

Also autocomple wants to follow "Doodle" with "God" for the reasons. I don't know why but prefer this to when it wanted to follow "Black" (as in Knight) with "women" or "girls" which was ... Uhm.

Round 3 : stank. Finished 2-10, sinking me to 14-22 so far today. Next up is lunch.

Round 4 of : I went 4-8, taking me to 18-30. If I have an awesome next round I could make C division; with a good one, earn D. But if I weren't restricted out of it I would likely be heading to the E, "novice", division.

Round 5: went 7-5, bringing me to 25-35 on the day. Just missed getting one more point in a squeaker game of Sorcerer. I might have earned my D division but it's close. I had a ball stuck in the outlane of Stingray, on a light bulb insert, the kind of fluke this tournament has all the time.

And it's official: I finished with a record good enough for the novice division, but am restricted into D, so I start tomorrow at a pretty big deficit.

My love, meanwhile, earned the bottom of B, thanks to her last two rounds of the day being at or above .500.

Good omen for tomorrow: I'm scheduled to start on game bank number 39. This bank is named 'Procyon'.


Not sure why the bank Procyon does not have the Rocket Raccoon pinball game in it. There must be reasons.

Round 6 of : I go 4-8, and while I finished strong with a great game of the early-solid-state Cheetah, it still means I'm 29-43, which isn't much of a record.

Round 7: bit better; I went 7-5, taking me to 36-48. Had two third-ball rallies that could have gotten me to first place, which is a fair way to finish second on a table.

Round 8 : 8-4, the first time I had a round feel good. My record's 44-52, in striking range of respectable. Two first-place finishes in the round, too. The electromechanical games continue wanting nothing to do with me.

Weird that solid-state games are being a relative strength but what can I say? Dr Dude thinks I'm cool.

Round 9 : 8-4, bringing me to 52-56 for the tournament so far. Round felt good and like I was the one who knew the games. (I didn't.)

round 10: 7-5, a great record considering I got ALL the house balls. Finished with two wins. Record of 59-61 for the tournament. Someday I'll finish above .500!

And after my lousy first day I did work my way to a respectable overall record!

@Austin_Dern They don't bloody want owt to do with me either. When we moved HQ we went to a place with a broader range of temperatures so all the switch stacks expanded and contracted with the seasons and mucked things up. The EMs have been constant problems this tourney.

@ifixcoinops I am sorry they're giving you such trouble. But it's nice to have a reason that I'm play MiniZag with the same skill level one would expect if I were playing with my head inside a tub of cold spaghetti.

@Austin_Dern @ifixcoinops if anyone ever tells you they are good at MiniZag they are lying to your goddamn face. no one is good at minizag.

@cpi @ifixcoinops I don't know; I saw a lot of people doubling my score on it to say they didn't know what they were doing ...

(There was another early EM I played, like, three games of, one in tournament, before learning it had zipper flippers so there we go.)

@ifixcoinops oh goddamn I have to worry about expansion and contraction on my switch stacks?
I thought this was bad enough: finding a broken switch WITHIN the stack! (my machine, not my post/repair)

@cpi I've had that once or twice. It's MADDENING.

(and aye - old lamp sockets are always a bear because the fibre spacer shrinks and causes the metal parts to get wobbly and loose. A drop of very light oil on the spacer will soak into it and let it expand again, tightening things up. After this year's EM debacle I'm gonna do some experiments with oiling switch stacks too, as they're made out of the same material. Will keep you updated on the results)

@ifixcoinops oiling switch stacks??? WTF wow has it come to this?
Clay is up in Michigan, wouldn't he have experienced something like this? Great Lakes areas sometimes a swamp.

@Austin_Dern I heard the same story from so many friends! What division you get?

@cpi I ended up in D, by virtue of my restriction-based-on-world-ranking. On my merits, I should have gone into E. But I was only one win out of earning my D, and I worked my way up to tied-for-68th. If I hadn't had a lousy Simpsons Pinball Party last round I might yet have made finals.

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