Round 1 of : I went 5-7. One first place finish in four games. Mediocre start but still, hopes remain high. I probably could have got another point had I remembered Black Belt better.

My freak event this round: ball jumped over the flippers of Captain Fantastic, and hit the drain so hard it bounced back over the flippers again, back into play.

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Round 2 of : I went 7-5, bringing me to 12-12, which would be a good pace for the day if I can keep that up. First place on Wizard Of Oz and Volcano, and had been making a good comeback on Shadow. And I got to watch Roger Sharpe playing nearby.

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Also autocomple wants to follow "Doodle" with "God" for the reasons. I don't know why but prefer this to when it wanted to follow "Black" (as in Knight) with "women" or "girls" which was ... Uhm.

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Round 3 : stank. Finished 2-10, sinking me to 14-22 so far today. Next up is lunch.

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Round 4 of : I went 4-8, taking me to 18-30. If I have an awesome next round I could make C division; with a good one, earn D. But if I weren't restricted out of it I would likely be heading to the E, "novice", division.

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Round 5: went 7-5, bringing me to 25-35 on the day. Just missed getting one more point in a squeaker game of Sorcerer. I might have earned my D division but it's close. I had a ball stuck in the outlane of Stingray, on a light bulb insert, the kind of fluke this tournament has all the time.

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And not positive but I think @ifixcoinops was the tech who came over for what we thought was one of Casanova's 86,400 malfunctions this round. It turned out to be "we didn't start enough games" instead so the machine was innocent that time.

@Austin_Dern It may well have been. I promise I'm not this grumpy when I haven't spent 50+ hours on a concrete floor before Wednesday. :P

@ifixcoinops Not to worry. I'm much cheerier when I haven't missed out earning my division honestly by two thousand points on Sorcerer myself.

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