I think this has been done before BUT a world where the superhero/villain scene is a kink thing. Traditionally, the hero is the top and "wins", though "gritty" pairs with villain tops are more common these days.

back in the 90s, there were a bunch of antihero types calling themselves switches, but come on

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So much of it happens in abandoned warehouses because of the inevitable consent issues, and pulling off a proper bank robbery scene involves an awful lot of voyeurs

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In addition to the usual "thing to put in holes" sex toys, super kink shops sell all sorts of macguffins to steal from each other, like remotes, self-destruct buttons, "ancient" gems and crystals, serums, and the like

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Villains tend to work out timeshare arrangements because secret lair/sex dungeons are expensive, and there's only so many volcano islands to go around.

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"Good help is so hard to find these days", I sigh loudly so I know my henches who get off on being bumbling can hear

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@BestGirlGrace You want to toss off moments like that so casually your subs never catch on, and the fun part is, the best subs absolutely never will.

@Austin_Dern See, when I berate them for being incompetent, they know that's part of the kink. When they overhear something like this, they never know what to think.

@BestGirlGrace That's just got to be such layers of thrill for the ones who're in it for the almost-but-not-quite-overcoming-the-conditioning scene.

@Austin_Dern A good villain knows that there's a lot of people depending on her, and that she has to operate on a lot of levels. You should see the spreadsheet I maintain to make sure everyone gets the right kind of torture.

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