love to make my site unusable to people with screen readers just to defeat adblock

@monorail like, how does that defeat adblock in the first place

@monorail can't it just look at the rendered output instead of the raw html, or some intermediate pass of rendering?

@monorail also I just realized those letters are in basically no order whatsoever, how does that work

@monorail even so why does that render as "sponsored" and not as "...jjknwjyywS..."

@Felthry css is used to make all the letters that aren’t supposed to be there invisible


@monorail @Felthry Also it's supposed to let you set up a web page so, like, a picture of something appears to the right of a paragraph of text explaining what it is, or setting a line of text to be vertically aligned with something else on the screen, but nobody has ever figured out how.

@Austin_Dern @monorail I was thinking about how this is similar to the purpose of TeX and briefly had a thought of webpages written in LaTeX and uh. that's kind of a scary thought

@Austin_Dern @monorail then again, having access to TikZ and math mode on websites would be handy....

@Felthry @monorail Yeah, there's probably a timeline where web sites started from TeX and that would be ... uh ... I'm not sure it would be worse. It would make mathematics a lot less hard to do, though. I think there've been, like, forty attempts to do a standardized mathematics markup language and nobody's done any better than 'run latex2html and put up a lot of pictures'.

@Austin_Dern @monorail yeah but it's really hard to get TeX to put a picture in precisely the location you want, or at least we haven't found out how

@Felthry @monorail Oh yes, now, *that*'s absolutely impossible.

... WordPress has this sweet little inline LaTeX engine so if you need a simple equation you can write, like, $latex f:x\rightarrow x^2 $ and it renders that on the fly. And you can put in inline CSS to your site, so it's completely impossible to predict what it shows.

( has that LaTeX engine too.)

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