@muffinista Is ... is that the Dawn Treader in Ann Arbor?

(Alternatively, is that every urban used-book store ever?)

@muffinista Thank you!

It's got a near twin in Ann Arbor.

Also Albany, New York.

Also New Brunswick, New Jersey, in the 90s.

Also if the shelves were staggered the other way in East Lansing, Michigan.

Also this place in Trenton before it moved in 2014.

@Austin_Dern @muffinista Are you thinking of Dove & Hudson in Albany? I used to live around the corner from there, and found a lot of wonderful old tomes in it's stacks.

@sadie_bunny @muffinista I was thinking of Flights of Fantasy, and then realized they moved out of their city location like 800 years ago. (Well, I haven't lived there in a couple decades so my references are all old.)

@Austin_Dern @muffinista I've heard a lot of good things about Flights Of Fantasy, but I've never been there because I don't have a car.


@sadie_bunny @muffinista I didn't get there enough, as I was an impoverished grad student. But they were fun to visit and I remember them supporting Genericon, at RPI, quite well when the con was going through lean years.

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