Day four of trying to explain to the server people that the things I need to do the job are things that I cannot do the job without.

For the next part of my report on the Michigan pinball championship, and the end of my competition, I've got that up on my Livejournal/Dreamwidth:

Plus, still more pictures of Lakeside Park. Not the one Rush sang about, but still a pretty good park anyway.

Day three of me trying to explain to the server people at work that if I'm going to do SQL server stuff, I need my SQL server account to have permission to do stuff on the SQL server.

Oh, I guess my FurAffinity account is filled up and it'll stop working now.

(There's at least a 25% chance this *will* brick my FurAffinity account.)

For today the rarest of all pictures: the one that uses Weasyl! Pooltoy me from @/ArtingMartini

This picture paid *so* many dividends. While it was drawn folks in-stream were trying to guess my species, and one person offered 'gay otter'. Every time I remember this I smile.

Plus this picture got a comment from @ceralor that reconnected me with an old friend and that was a happy event.

I'm tired of getting Important Tax Documents in the mail all this month. I want some Unimportant Tax Documents. Someone who'll send me federal form 1099-MEH.

Also, I'm registering doughnut-back duck inflatable with the Bureau of OCs.

... the construction 'were [verb]ed', commonly derided as the passive voice, is in fact a powerful word choice, as it reminds the reader that the subject of the sentence is lycanthropes ...

Bonus: pictures of my and my love's trip to Lakeside Amusement Park, in Denver, in summer 2018. My photos run a little late.

So if folks would like a fuller narrative of my playing in Michigan's pinball championship last week, I've finally got up to that point on my Dreamwidth/Livejournal: or

The setup, including the tournament the night before, are in earlier journal entries.

Names like HMZ are what players use to sign the high score board. It's a compromise between limiting googlability of people and addressing them in ways readers can understand.

Social network where instead of 'like' each post has the option to click 'jeez', 'oh good grief' or 'big mood'.

Groucho Marx: 'There will now be a short pause while everyone looks up 'chauvinism' in the dictionary. Look under 'S'. You won't find it there, but you'll find a bunch of other interesting words.'

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