I feel like I've never understood tech news since As The Apple Turns went defunct.

Seeing the view count on that image rise by, like, 70 in a moment and realizing oh, that's got to be the fediverse looking for page previews or whatever it is they do.

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A last blast of summer for this , me getting to the beach with Lobowolf the inflatable wolf! A gorgeous piece illustrated by FA/RyuCas, furaffinity.net/view/44188045/

Lobowolf's been a friend for nearly a quarter-century now; he's among the first inflatables I knew and it's great having a fun time with him.

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Fictional, good cop (Columbo) 

Messed up that I can't just type in simple arithmetic questions to absolutely any program and get an answer. Like, OK, Telegram, I want *you* to tell me if 529 is a perfect square or not, you're a computer, you can do that.

covid-19, paranoid house 

Chirps in the satisfaction of having spent the previous night spreading a good line of nonsense on two mucks simultaneously.

That thing where your notifications show someone liking a string of your posts and then following you. That feels great, doesn't it?

Rashomon RPG where every battle you have to go and re-fight as each of the other characters in the game, only I don't know how you figure out what the status of the characters is afterward.

This has been the year the notaries down at the credit union have been getting to know me *real* well. Kind of wonder if it'd be worth the bother to sign up as a notary just so I can stamp my own things but there's probably a rule that says I can't do that.

OK, but what if a bank *could* notarize my documents remotely?

Last Boost (ie, vulpine.club/@cdmnky/107112574 ): this is why I've (I hope temporarily) turned off DMs from people I don't follow. Let me know if you have legitimate business. I mean legitimate for Mastodon.

PSA @.lazywolf562@mastodon.social is a bot sending spam DMs pretending to shill for the new official mastodon app and shortlinking to very obvious virus scams

do not visit that link (i did safely to investigate) and if you do, don't download whatever the fuck is on there


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