When you've gotten past the age where you use transmogrifier boxes and transformation hoops and are now going in for size/weight-change pants.


The 'Bunny Burrito' is wrapping your rabbit up in a towel so that its arms and legs are bound close to its body, limiting its ability to writhe away from you. Partly it limits their motions, partly it seems to leave them feeling secure. Rabbits tend to be claustrophilic.

It's a great help if you need to do anything medical, like eyedrops, injections, claw-trimming, or so on.

Me, yesterday: OK, with the Bunny Burrito I think we've got back into good caregiver shape and we can give our rabbit her penicillin without trouble.
Me, today: ... the freaking needle FROZE? How is that POSSIBLE?

(So on the fourth jab, and the second needle, our rabbit got her antibiotic, but I do not blame her for being *quite* cross with me.)

Well maybe if you wanted me to save things on the network drive you should not have told me last time the problem came up that I should *not* save things on the network drive, but all right, I'll save things on the network drive this time.

They have the explorer window problem fixed and all is working fine there. I now have other bizarre problems to work on instead.

Also please help me but I just rewrote a one-line joke so instead of 1887 it's set in 1895 because that way the allusion it makes to the Progressive movement in the United States is less implausible.

So my computer at work is finally turned on again and it's behaving Extremely Normally, such as how I can open one explorer window, once, before all remote interactions with the computer stop working.

(This is NOT A REQUEST FOR TECH SUPPORT. I have advised the people who do tech support at work about this problem and they will deal with it, or not, as their workday allows. I appreciate the love you show but all I'm doing by sharing this is enjoying the absurdity of modern life.)

It's ! Here's another couples sketch, done by Hibbary at MWFF 2010 featuring nose-touching.


It's also magnificent for the look of toes, both rabbit and coati, but Hibbary's ears have a fantastic shape it's easy to overlook.

Gosh, I haven't seen @Eon in a while. I hope I didn't accidentally deflate it, roll it up, and set it on a dark shelf in the closet where I forgot it's there again.

I'd say tag yourself but I know you all want to pick the raccoon with the purple mohawk and torn jeans-jacket.

The recycling web site says you don't *have* to be a raccoon to sign up, but also doesn't promise you won't tf into one.

Good news everyone! Lansing, Michigan, is doing a live-action version of some circa 1986 team-of-raccoon-heros cartoon.


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