Yeah well, tell it to Anubis, who used to be a God and now is just a series of tall doggos with gas-mask and rubber-suit fetishes.

My bride and I ended up taking second place in the split-flipper tournament to end the season. After a lot of good playing we went and flopped on Munsters and Getaway, games we ought to be able to do well on playing one flipper each of us.

Advertisement on this old game show for 'Playtex Living Gloves' and oh yes, I know people whom that phrase activated Something in.

Failed to follow up by saying what it was. It's a sweet T-shirt showing off the whole of the raccoon family!

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Got a surprise extra present from my dear bride that's a particular delight!

[Sneaks over to @Austin_Dern while he sleeps, and carefully paints him a bright neon fluorescent yellow-green.]

Teasing successfully delivered and I could even toss off a joke about them being sure to get through middle school *this* time. Night, now.

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Remembering it's the birthday of someone who this past year has started reminding people his character has the body of a tween, so I'm off to deliver what they most want, a bundle of age-regression teases.

For this special another gift: another of the vinyl stickers that my dear bride gave to me on our anniversary.

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The urge to give a 'like' to someone else's 'like'. Like, yeah, you're showing good taste there, you ought to be appreciating that one, that's showing good judgement. Well done.

(This was also the inspiration for the 500-Pound Man-Killing Pants attraction, on SpinDizzy Muck, which similarly have no verified record of killing anyone but if a 500-pound pair of pants were to fall on you, you would likely have a bad day of it.)

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[*] So the roadside attraction thing is yes, this is a quite large clam and while it's not been known to, it *could* kill someone, if their foot were in its mouth as the clam were closing and so got held underwater for the hours it took before the clam reopened its mouth.

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So the cliffhanger for this episode of the Adam West Batman had the Dynamic Duo trapped and about to be eaten by a clam and now I'm wondering if this is somehow a riff on the famous Michigan roadside attraction of the 500-pound man-killing[*] clam.

Living fursuit who just keeps 'accidentally' getting little rips because they like how their partner holds them to darn them back together.

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Just got my first FurAffinity comment asking if I want to buy a YCH from them. Kind but right now I'm too skint to even consider it.

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