Regarding question 3: Slylock Fox doesn't know how much raccoon talk *is* sarcastic mimicry of human voices!

So, apparently I now somehow rate "lemme put a couple credits on the new machine for you" at the Pinball Pete's, which I stop in at every couple weeks when I get books from the university library.

Also I missed High Score #1 on the Munsters Limited Edition by about 25,000 points of a hundred million. Have got High Score #2, though, and a couple ego credits like Grandpa Champion, Zap Champion, and Combo Champion. Had several surprisingly good games.

I don't want to tell someone their favorite comic strip is dull but ... I mean, *wow* but Tumbleweeds was a dull comic strip.

Everyone to their own tastes, certainly, but friend can't understand how I don't see the genius of the comic or even how it's different from Gordon Bess' Redeye.

That friend who's a big fan of T K Ryan's comic strip Tumbleweeds and can't understand why I don't even know how to have a reaction to it.

The story of two of the people I'll have nothing to do with under any circumstances ever. (The other four, this, but they attacked my wife.)

When you didn't realize how many of your friends were weight-gainer and berry types.

When you think you're playing your viscous-fluid-smothering thing all cool and subtle.

We put on the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation to have something goofy in the background while we worked and ended up getting actually interested instead.

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