French toast, but made by taking bread dough and putting it through a potato-slicer and then frying it like it was French fries.

This probably already exists and I am too cowardly to try.

(Sees a bunch of lightning bolts on the local news's weather map around about @Azure's way.)

Just watched 'Twice Upon A Time', the movie that asks the question, 'the heck is with Twice Upon A Time?'.

cancel culture, humor, strategy games 

To think that if things were going better, right now I'd be pacing back and forth at Pinburgh telling myself it's not too late to salvage the day and at least earn my place in the D Division.

Also maybe getting a hot pretzel and smothering it under eighteen squirts of ranch dressing.

Every website should have a TURBO button that turns off all the javascript

Anyway, self-discovery.

[ No, this is ... not how we'd frame the discussion on Mastodon. But this story, of a character realizing they don't know their own gender, was a syndicated newspaper comic strip in 2008. ]

The three types of comics fans.

... 40% sure I'm on that magic robot vampire ninja but sensitive one's Patreon.

Looks like it topped out at knocking 18 degrees Fahrenheit off the temperature but this is all very good work and I endorse this cloud for projects this whole coming week.

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Oh oh oh now this is an exciting development. It's like it's *water*, only it's coming out of the *sky* somehow. Is there anything we need to do about this? Can anyone advise?

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VERY STRONGLY SUPPORT the cloud cover that's pulled 15 degrees Fahrenheit off the temperature here in Lansing this past hour.

Scrapping a joke after you find there's no way to write it so it makes sense to someone who isn't you. Pfaugh.

Wanting artists to see me as an easy, agreeable commissioner versus ... you know ... my snout could stand to be a little bit longer than that.

Yeah, I've reached my limit for how many times I'm going to tell work 'I don't know why this server isn't working' and they answer back 'that's because it is' when I am looking at it not working right here.

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