Well, that's the first time I've had a candy based on communion wafers.

Enjoyed the pre-show at Anthrohio. Now to find out what the heck's been going on all day.

Daytime sighting of a cousin raccoon. Good omen for the con.

Anyway, to the road! ... Who do I know who's a vehicle morph?

That friend who means well but gives you a bug fix after your facetious comment, rather than a yes-and or what you really want, an appreciating grin.

Those moments before you leave on a trip, trying to remember which pooltoys you packed and which ones you just left in toymode in the breezeway.

When you send someone a heads-up about a picture and they send you a heads-up about it two days later.

Bonus points if they do it through the character they don't always remember having told you is their alt.

Your Neighborhood Friend, the macro who's been content to sprawl out long enough that they've built city streets and medium-density residential and commercial structures on them, and is willing to put up with this while the street festivals stay interesting enough.

Now pardon me but if you're at Anthrohio this weekend you'll see someone wearing a Stich's Girlfriend Angel kigurumi and that's me totally rocking the pink'sona chic.

So in the supermarket a clerk coming around the corner said, "Good evening, ma'am". RL me is a 6-foot-4-inch guy with a beard and a face expression like he's worried about the water bill.

So either the clerk was just distracted or I've spent enough time on Mastodon to start transcending gender representation altogether.

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Fun fact: this *is* how studying works for you goo and slime friends.


Alternative caption: grad school, after you were a gifted-and-talented student in elementary school, middle school, high school, and could still get by just by attending class and doing homework in college.

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(Picks up @Eon by the handle and turns it around, putting toy on the other side of the room. Not to change what it's looking at or anything, just to give it the thrill of being lugged around like a helpless inventory item.)

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