*Still* do that thing, I mean. It's gotten more common to just take your head off when you need water. Leaving your head on and taking the bottle in feels old-school to me.

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Happy to report some fursuiters do that thing where they just shove the whole water bottle into their mouth.

There's a coati t-shirt in at least one of the Furry Mystery Boxes at this con!

You don't imagine how much good a simple chase scene can do for your quiet friend, is the thing.


Modular hiker who realizes they're lost, so they take their head off to stand on it and get a better view around, and then realize, wait a second.

Sorry for the many redrafts but I was trying to get a picture to actually show here.

Also, the heck was my mother doing calling at 11:18pm? She isn't up that late for New Year's Eve, never mind the 25th of August.

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By popular demand, here's a (three-year-old) picture of my phone!


Note the publication date of that picture: the most recently received call on it at that time was fifty weeks in the past.

(I'll get this sorted yet.)

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Knowing I got a picture off my phone recently but not remembering how I did it or how to do it again.

(My phone is from 2008 so it doesn't have fancy modern things like, uh, apps or Bluetooth maybe?)

Sorry, I just learned the second Orbital Flight Test for the Boeing Starliner was this past week and everything worked like it was supposed to?

Congrats whichever of you on gulp.cafe is ghost-writing for Lio now.


CW: vore-adjacent, comic strip, humor, everybody's fine

search for work (-, but knew it already) 

OK, now we're in the good stuff. They have a mechanical bowling simulator prop.

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Batman '66 Gotham City was way ahead of the curve on the legalization of pinball, apparently.

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Watching an early Batman 66 episode and, first, Batman is really shaken to hear the Joker pulling off a stunt at the high school Dick Grayson attends.

Second, the exposition reveals that the Joker was released from prison last week, and bought One-Armed Bandit Novelty Company, making (as the police chief says), "gum machines, pinballs, that sort of harmless junk".

We've returned the perch that we somehow had to the local waterways that they should never have been removed from. Seemed to be in good spirits and moving fast.

Also, playing the Cactus Canyon remake afterwards, I put up the grand championship and made it to the wizard mode before getting to Ball 2, which was not what I expected.

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