Me: "Well, it *was* twenty years ago. And I don't mean twenty years ago like February was twenty years ago. I mean literally twenty years ago."

Me, today: Putting a thing that's currently just a single line, and only used by a single thing, in its own function because I just *know* this is going to grow into something that has to be like five lines and called from eighteen different spots in the code.

Me, two months from now: trying to figure out why none of my functions ever actually *does* anything, they just call other functions into this great mangrove swamp of two-line functions.

"As you know Greendale students, we've spent the last few weeks in quaran-DEAN but that doesn't mean we can't let ourselves have some fun at our special online only COVID DANCE!"

How literally every duck-billed platypus I know [*] got that way.

[*] I know, like, one, and that one only part-times.

Our pet mouse is very hard at work on some chewing project.

About to post a correction to someone's misunderstanding of the comic strip _Luann_ and then I remembered that doing so would not make the world any better.

The co-worker who explains a random, unrelated thing instead of the thing I'm asking about enough times that I give up and find my answer elsewhere on the web.

birdsite making it silly 

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Putting the money I would've spent on pinball the last two weeks into commissions and that's why I have 46 new pieces of art suddenly.

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