Happy ! On SpinDizzy I spent a while as pooltoy. This little picture from FA/Mekh illustrates one little distinctive moment of that, the strange moment when you first step onto water and stay on the surface.

Doing a reread on Boston and Shaun so the web comic can get a critical reassessment that isn't just a normie freaked out by the idea of OMG the cartoonist likes WEIGHT GAIN and POUCH STUFFING how is this POSSIBLE.

The story in your head: [ Atari 2600 game box art ]
The story you actually write: [ Atari 2600 actual game ]


Meanwhile learning that *actually* Pinburgh tickets were not put up for sale on the showclix.com/event/Replay-FX-2 front page, the one with the big 'Reserve Tickets' column on the right, but rather on the link you get to from 'Competition Signups' on that page, so it's a good thing our partner in the ticket pool was on the right page.

Your friend who, alas, is a bit gatekeeper-y about species and still thinks everybody's a sparkle husky even these days.


Someone moving their ATV on the back of a trailer bed, so that's your measure for how bad the potholes are out here.

We are in! Our ball save came through. My wife's also in the Intergalactic Tournament; I decided not to play in that this year.

Missed the 0.002-second window that Pinburgh tickets were on sale. Waiting to hear from the other partner in our pool.

(Chirps in '25 minutes to the Pinburgh Ticket-Buying Rush'.)

Reaching the point in my little testbed project that I have proved out how to do all the important technical challenges of the work project, but knowing that it would take too long to explain to the coworkers why the testbed shows anything when it doesn't look at all like the project is supposed to.

Oh wait no, then all the fun becomes in finding the one 'best' set of metrics rather than actually playing the game knowing you can't tell whether you're doing it wrong.

Complex-real-thing management simulator game, but when you get to the ledgers for scoring the player picks what things to measure, and that's locked in, and maybe it screws up your project that you're optimizing the wrong things.

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