A search engine, except it *doesn't* show you pages where the words you surrounded with quote marks and prefixed with a + do not appear.

Misread someone's character profile sheet as saying 'Gender: Tall' and thought, wow, I didn't realize I knew anyone who even *wanted* that much gender.

When they somehow still haven't worked out why you keep having the same catastrophic 'accident' every single time.


When you think you're being extremely casual when your Thing comes up in conversation and you want to cold-pitch a scene.


That time in 1976 when they syndicated a comic strip where the few human survivors of a nuclear war emerge to a world full of mutant vegetable people, but then the comic lost everybody by getting all weird.


(Headsup to @spottyfox because I'm just guessing this was carried in the Detroit News.)

I'm having trouble watching this James Bond movie because I grew up watching Get Smart and I realize how well Don Adams imitated the body language and so the movies look and feel like their own parodies. I mean so far as a James Bond movie isn't already its own parody.

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