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The look of heartbreak on our pet rabbit's face now that she's finished her apple slice.

"There were also the Star Fairies Animal Friends; these three animals were made of a soft PVC and covered with a soft flocking. They were especially designed so that the Star Fairies could sit on them." This is literally four-fifths of the people I follow on Mastodon.

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"The Infaceables [ ... ] had a regular face that changed into a monstrous face through a cunning use of rubber and an internal vacuum created by extending the figure’s torso." Oh yeah, I follow that DeviantArt group too.

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Lewis Galoob's son, who took over the toy business when he died, was a waterbed salesman, which seems like what I might have guessed if I were making up a bit about the Galoob Empire.

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Also I learn the toy line was called Galoob because it was founded by a guy named Lewis Galoob.

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Today I discover the mid-80s Galoob toy line 'Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones'. I'm sure it's very easy to search the Internet for information on that without getting fan art of Dorothy Zbornak and Steven Universe straightening out Rocket Raccoon's issues.

My wife got 'Super-Skill Pinball 4-Cade', a little dice-rolling board game with a pinball-table theme.

Figured she had ten minutes free so she could give it a quick try and get a feel for the thing. Sixty minutes later she finished the game.

So, have to say, they have captured *that* important part of the pinball-playing experience.

... Although it probably wouldn't hurt to do it all in a single function with a switch/case mechanism for where they have to differ.

[ Waits for ME OF THE FUTURE to show up over this. ]

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Me: Ooh, I could abstract these three slightly different functions into a single one that encodes an isomorphism in a string ...

ME OF THE FUTURE: [ Opens a time portal, steps through, and slaps me silly with an unexpectedly large number of fish. ]

Me: ... but really what's the harm in having three slightly different functions if it's clear what each is doing, instead?

Today I discover a web comic ('You've Gotta Be Kitten Me') based on the story of what life was like after that comet turned kittens into humanoids and they went on living as cats in human bodies. From Bea R, who also draws the comic strip 'In Security'.

more cop tantrums, mid-Michigan 

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cop tantrums, mid-Michigan 

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