(It's just a little cough syrup that we give as treating her possible hay fever. Also apparently rabbits can have hay fever, which seems inefficient.)

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So in the 80s if you had a Thing for genies, and a Thing for macro/micro, *and* a Thing for encasement/entrapment, your options were pretty much just this comic.


Feedback from work is that everybody loves the high-visibility high-contrast web site design I had, so, yay me for the deep insightful thinking of [ checks notes ] black text on a white background.

It's possible we were better off back when computers had 16 colors and three of them were grey.

Running across your link to a blog you used to read, that sometime converted to a tumblr, that hasn't updated since 2011.

Remembering the person on Usenet insisting that it was a folk etymology to say 'Wednesday' derives from 'Woden's Day'.

Observe with the 2018 glossary on my mathematics blog Thomas K Dye, of 'Newshounds' and 'Projection Edge', made this snappy header. wp.me/p1RYhY-1B7

Also, if you're on birdsite, you can help him have a completely overloaded, busy weekend of drawing!


Picture CW: eye contact (cartoony)

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(Stretches out, and sits up, holding his forepaws behind his back and watching your movements.)

OK but am I alone in watching Rankin/Bass's 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' and wanting way more detail about the cultural changes in Sombertown which led to the discrediting and replacement of the Meisterburger family?

Happy to resume my holiday tradition of picking apart the internal logic and worldbuilding implications of Rankin/Bass Christmas Specials again.

Weight gainers: [ Patting their paws together, resolving on *at least* 12 pounds per hour themselves. ]


Frosty the Snowman AU where it's the kids from Peanuts who create him.

Vantablack Friday

[ I have no idea what this would even mean. ]

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