Explained the whatisz command to someone on SpinDizzy and joked that you don't *have* flag yourself as 'lonely', it's just that everyone is, and now I feel like I hit my own gut with a wrecking ball.

Giants sharing a curated sequence of their favorite songs, or 'maxtape' ...

The rare picture of me doing something! FA/Turnsky charcoal-style picture of me eating.


I have the problem of not really having a basic schtick, so it's hard for artists to have any idea what I could be doing. Eating is a reliable and realistic thing, but I've always been bored by people, mostly on mucks, who toss me food; there's not much fun to be had playing eating. More fun cadging food off someone, but that's a complicated commission.

OK, but: Little Orphan Annie in Oz.

(Or just reread the books where Dorothy *does* something instead of constantly assuring this book's Companion that yeah, that's what things are like in a fairy country such as Oz.)

In the end, your life as a know-it-all is judged not by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of times you refrain from well-actuallying all over some otherwise pleasant day.

Playing around scritching @SimonTesla until you accidentally touch a thing that does a thing and it flips him into SAP mode and he can barely *think* in-between describing what you and he are doing and neither of you can figure how to switch it back off.

Your friend whose RP sounds interesting until you ask for a little more information and it turns out they have whole BUCKETS full of information to pour out on you and you just ... oh ... gosh ... that's ... so very much work they've already done and ... uh ... wow.

So, Mandrake the Magician is rerunning a 90s story where someone is using the cyberspace to cyber-steal your worst fears and manifest them, all cyber-ly, and it's possibly the most 90s thing I've seen in a long time and also probably could be redone in a less goofy way but that wouldn't have a fraction the charm.


Our fireplace is cleaned and maintenanced! (The fireplace needed some mortar, and the ash door in the basement needed complete replacement.)

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