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... Legit-looking person adding me to their Friends page on Livejournal like it's 2005 or something. Something's going on.

[ I bought a permanent membership back in the day, but I regard it as the backup to my actual Dreamwidth journal, which I invite you to read; it's at ... not much going on these days, but I am unspooling photos from a big trip last year so you might like that. ]

Spending ten minutes explaining to your modular friends what the joke is supposed to be before giving up and saying it's monocoque-body humor.

(Stretches out after that kind of sleep where you don't wake up less tired.)

I'm a verb roleplayer myself, so I feel like, 'I press the button' is a fine enough line. And then a noun roleplayer asks, 'Can you describe that some more?' and it's ... like ... uh ... "I ... press the green button ... on ... the panel?' and I check the AV Club for the fourth time tonight.

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Some people roleplay in verbs. Some people roleplay in nouns. Neither is wrong. But if your group has people from both types and they don't know how to make allowances for the different style, you get the bad friction.

the personal in the USpol 

Toon TF, but it's changing from one animation style to another.

This is a ridiculously convoluted setup mashing together a couple fair ideas for a joke and yet I giggle.

ObOldTimerStuff: that time on FurToonia @spottyfox forgot she loaned me her remote-control morpher and I started shapeshifting her from a different room and she couldn't figure out why she was spontaneously turning into a vksbf'taur or a kangaroo or something.

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Me: Ooh, I should bookmark this link to scans of public-domain golden-age comic books!
[ Discovers I've had it bookmarked for years. ]

(For those curious: ... and there's also for you.)

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