It's been a full year --- an overfull year, since it was 366 days --- since I last had a haircut.

not kinkshaming, just surprised by this specific blend 

SNIFF sniffsniffsniff

Definitely did my mood good to spend so very long today walking, although I'm not so sure it was good on my feet.

I don't feel *seriously* guilty but, believe me, I know the pain of excitement at seeing someone draw your unpopular species.

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Feeling guilty because I have a new FurAffinity follower whose profile says they're really into art of monkeys, gorillas, and other primates because while yeah, I posted one monkey and one bodyweird orangutan-based picture in the past month that's, like, two pictures in a year that could plausibly interest them.

Well, perhaps that was more walking than I should have done all at once but I did need to do it.

Glad they're removing the needless gendering of Potato Head so they can focus on the core mission of priming kids to develop a modularity kink.

(Chirps in has-caught-in-his-head-a-tune-that-matches-no-known-song.)

That weird state where I'm caught up and have replied to every comment on my mathematics and humor blogs and personal journal and even FurAffinity account and Telegram groups. If this keeps up I'll have no choice but to start answering my e-mails.

(I will never answer my e-mails.)

2005 Livejournalers will remember 

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2005 Livejournalers will remember 

Also when I joined furry, I picked coati because I thought, 'I like raccoons but isn't *everybody* a raccoon already?' Spoiler: no, they are not. Raccoons are surprisingly rare in fandom; the family makes an impression far outside its population.

Anyway coati worked out well because while I would make sense as a raccoon, I make even more sense as 'raccoon but difficult'.

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Fun fact: when I first joined furry I thought about being a cartoon coati but figured I could not possibly keep up with the high-level rapid-fire elaborate zaniness I expected was present among toons on furry mucks.

Spoiler: I absolutely could have.

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Friend's comment making me aware I may be the most cartoony coati in furry, and I see myself as being about as cartoony as The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Strategy game where you're in charge of the NASA/USIA public affairs office, trying to produce movies and exhibit artifacts and send astronauts out on speaking tours so as to best influence world opinion.

Changed out our pet rabbit's fleece so she's irritated that things went and changed under her, but a new fleece is also very soft and pleasant to scrunch around too.

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USpol incidental 

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